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Madeon Mix Shows What He's Capable Of


Madeon Mix Shows What He's Capable Of

Madeon just dropped his new album which has received tons of praise. But there's more to DJ life than merely being #1 on two Billboard Albums charts and collaborations with Passion Pit... like playing live for instance.

And this uncut and live Madeon mix video shows you why the most impressive part of the young artist has to be seen to be believed.

The video shows Madeon tearing up two Novation Launch Pads, an Allen & Heath mixer and a Macbook, expertly mixing track after track without break for BBC Radio 1. He isn't spinning anything per se, but that doesn't mean he's not putting in work. While many producers may just play the same top songs on stage as everyone else, or worse, not really play at all, Madeon puts on a show.

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This is the kind of thing you can expect from his tour which also launched today. When you go to his shows, you're actually going to see something other than a celebrity spinning up a familiar playlist. Maybe we're gushing a bit, but maybe it's just the relief to see someone this notable actually working with the music they way we'd expect.

As impressive as all this is, it's easy to tell in the video how young he still is (20), and that makes us think we've only begun to see what he's capable of.

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