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New Hardwell Video... Heartbreaking?

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Hardwell's New Video... Heartbreaking?

The new Hardwell video is a far cry from "Sally", and a cry it is. Maybe we're being a little over sensitive here (we definitely are), but there's a story and a message to this video for "Echo" that lies a little deeper.

Taking place in a desolate iceland (not the country, probably), the "Echo" video seems to show a man haunted by the echo of a lost love - re-living his past while finding some warmth in the memories and a new best friend. At least, that's this writer's interpretation. That or it's a really sappy werewolf story. Check it out for yourself below.

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"Echo" comes from the same album as "Sally", though the drastic shift in sound and style, even in the video, gives some credence to Hardwell's earlier comments that he's reinventing himself. Let us know what you think below. The video comes after another major, more throwback Hardwell remix to Calvin Harris.

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