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New Kaskade Track Is Raging

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New Kaskade Single A Sign Of Big Change?

Is this the beginning of a whole new Kaskade? Because it sounds pretty different. Even the cover art is a move away from the wispy colors from his past.

We first heard "Never Sleep Alone" when he dropped it alongside Skrillex on Holy Ship! and the surprise is Skrillex isn't credited on the official track at all. Meaning this rowdy funk you're hearing is all Kaskade.

There's the soft female vocals from Tess Comrie that remind you of who you're listening to, but that's about all Kaskade brings from his past. This new single is a sign that Kaskade is continuing to progress his sound.

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The single is part of his new upcoming album to be released on Warner Bros. / Arkade. Kaskade made big news when he moved to the label telling Billboard "I just need help getting my music heard." It remains to be seen if "Never Sleep Alone" is the start of a whole new Kaskade on Warner Bros. or just a raging anomaly.

LET US KNOW! What do you make of the new Kaskade single?

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