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New NERO Track & Album Details Unveiled


New NERO Track & Album Details Unveiled

On August 28th, NERO will rise. Again. The trio just dropped details of their first album in three years along with an all new single.

The new NERO album is called Between II Worlds and the new single is the album's title track. NERO emerged from the cloak of secrecy earlier this year by dropping "The Thrill" and appearing on the Coachella lineup.

The just-released title track straight outta Castlevania - NES edition. It's hard to know if Between II Worlds is referencing the worlds of the mortals and immortals, but it certainly could be. The pipe organs may as well be a fog machine and the "lyrics" may as well be coming from Dracula himself.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you become light? Well, it happened to me. I traveled between II worlds, between here and there. Between dead and...

We couldn't make out the last part but you get the idea. Cryptic, and in more way than one. If you're attending the Nero show this weekend, maybe bring some garlic with you just to be safe.

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The full tracklist is below and you can download "Between II Worlds" and "Satisfy" now on iTunes. ("The Thrill" only available to stream at this point)

NERO Between II Worlds full tracklist
The Thrill
It Comes and It Goes
Two Minds
What Does Love Mean
Between II Worlds
Into the Night
Dark Skies
Into the Past (Reboot)

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