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Porter Robinson And Mat Zo Just Played An Insane Secret Show

Porter Robinson And Mat Zo Just Played An Insane Secret Show In LA

Last night in a random corner of Los Angeles, an event went down that defined the state of the city's current electronic scene. Slush Management teamed up with the highly praised VERSUS team for one of their biggest lineups to date, bringing Porter Robinson, Mat Zo, The M Machine, Matt Lange, and Madeaux to a jam-packed venue with a few hundred people. You could say the stars of dance music aligned last night.

Porter was in town for Coachella, Mat Zo was kind enough to leave his LA residence (wearing grey sweatpants in the club), and The M Machine was around for their tour with Madeon. Bring this together, and you had the makings for a wild set of surprise performances that revived the cast of the 2012 Language Tour.

In true LA fashion, news of the event slowly trickled throughout deep online circles in the days before the event. A flyer dropped with Slush Management's logo on it, giving hints about the night to anyone who recognized their snowflake trademark.

Then came more clues on the event's Facebook page on who was performing. Even those that got the hints didn't start dropping names, because keeping this on the low was the only way it could work. This is what makes LA's scene special though. This wasn't held at one of the city's more prominent nightclubs, but at a small venue by the name of Fais Do-Do in a tucked away neighborhood.

Needless to say, you were only there if you knew what was going on. It was intimate, it was unique, and it gave world-renowned producers the chance to play whatever the hell they wanted.

For The M Machine, this meant taking things at least one deeper. Maybe even two deeper. It's no secret that the San Francisco duo loves this style of dance music, focusing less and less on vivacious synths lately and more on Dirtybird inspired dance music. This has been their approach to recent club and even venue performances, and was taken to the extreme last night. Things went from deep to deeper, locking into a solid groove of techno and house beats that would guide the crowd to bob along in unison throughout.

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Next up was Mat Zo, picking up where The M Machine left off to play an immersive and more minimal set that catered to the small crowd. It wasn't the type of performance you would ever see him drop at a festival. Certain people crave the large audiences and over the top stage setup, but there's just something about witnessing an artist play whatever they feel like that is undeniably satisfying. The British producer sunk his teeth into this role, giving those in attendance a rewarding set that was filled with lesser known gems. In sweatpants we trust.

At around 12:20, Porter Robinson stepped up to the stage for what was clearly intended to be a headlining set. Everything in the three hours before built up to this, as the Worlds producer dove right in with a heavy edit of "Sad Machine." Sure, the LA scene is often guilty of having phone in hand all night, more concerned with finding the Wi-Fi password then what's happening with the music. Sidenote: Thanks for the free Wi-Fi. What were we saying? Oh yea. When Porter plays, attention is commanded.

Beyond more club ready remixes of tracks off Worlds, Porter was also digging deep into his collection and dropping tracks from Phazz & Everydayz, Smookie Illson, KRNE & Portrait, and even Dub Phizix And Strategy. That's right. Porter dropped "Buffalo Charge." If you don't understand why this is so awesome and important, watch the video below. Everything will make sense after that.

Closing things out was his recent remix of Nero, ending a diverse set that was unexpected and unbelievably heavy.

Kudos to the LA industry for holding it down, and Versus and Slush Management for putting together such a crazy event.

You know it's a good night when every producer and their mom was there. We saw Valentino Khan, Jai Wolf, Hotel Garuda, Whiiite, Corey Enemy, Ooah, LA Riots, Lazerdisk, Tjani, and many more in attendance, because who the hell doesn't want to see the best of the best rocking it?

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