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PREMIERE: A Tribe Called Red Humans

PREMIERE: A Tribe Called Red Hits Coachella With Fire


Photo of Humans: Lauren D Zbarsky

You need to start caring about Humans. A Tribe Called Red has, and this brand new remix is a great example of why. The popular Canadian DJ crew just amped up the energy on a tribal dance track that could have people clamoring at Coachella this weekend.

Fellow Canadian electropop duo Humans have been around a while, but they're really starting to heat up (especially given that they were just announced for the Mad Decent Block Party).

Their single "Watusi" is a track fit for the fading embers of a campfire dance party. A great vibe no doubt, but A Tribe Called Red just threw on the kerosene.

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Sped up and trapped out - this "Watusi" remix is even more bouncy than the original, but the trap breaks are explosive. Nothing could be more appropriate for a party in the desert (in other words, Coachella).

A Tribe Called Red will perform (hopefully this song) at Coachella this Saturday at 8:45 p.m. at Do Lab. Stand back.

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