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PREMIERE: Concord Dawn Just Ripped Our Zipper

PREMIERE: Concord Dawn Just Ripped Our Zipper

"Zipper Ripper is supposed to be the kind of track that gives you a boner so huge it rips your pants, or causes ladies to shred their pants in their haste to remove them."

Wahey! Quite an attention grabbing summary for a comparably attention grabbing track. "Zipper Ripper" is a deadly tune, number four from the upcoming EP, Gumshoe - releasing on the 5th of April via Uprising Records.

Concord Dawn is solely responsible for my love and discovery of drum and bass. Allow me take you back...

The year was 2010 and the seeds of drum and bass love were being watered inside a makeshift tent, pitched within the grounds of mighty Waikato University. Not as creepy as it sounds. Quite the opposite of creepy actually – Concord Dawn were playing a set on campus and they were mind blowingly good.

Back in these early days, the days of "Don’t Tell Me" and "Morning Light", Concord Dawn was made up of Evan Short and Matt Harvey who played local and student radio stations along the length of little old New Zealand. Since then, they’ve stormed the UK and beyond; carving out the credentials, firstly as duo, then as a solo act as Matt took the dnb reigns and threw himself face first into the moshpit with them.

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Fast forward to 2015 and there is a new sound. A new feel …

 "'Gumshoe is a return to more hypnotic drum and bass and more 'classic' tech sound than what has been in vogue lately. I had been making a lot of techno and house and wanted to incorporate some of the best things about those genres into my drum and bass. My house stuff is influencing my drum and bass and my drum and bass is influencing my house music - it’s all getting a bit Inceptiony round here these days!’"

Soothingly rhythmic, yet anxiety fuelled, "Zipper Ripper" interprets this new direction exactly as summarised - utilising a snapping snare, that techno-esque womp in the background and a driving, stair-ascending pace to intersperse heart flutters throughout. Its bursts of adrenaline curve slyly into the dark slap of bass at regular intervals.

This is no simple tune and not for the faint hearted. So, hold on to that zipper with a vice like grip because you will end up shopping for new pants if Concord Dawn and this pacey track has anything to do with it.

Mission accomplished Matt, one audio boner coming right up!  All hail Concord Dawn, a mighty legacy of the kiwi dnb contingent.

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