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RiFF RAFF In Outrageous Trap Disaster Video


RiFF RAFF In Outrageous Trap Disaster Video

You've seen disaster movies no doubt, but few of them as outrageous as this one. And we're including things like Sharknado in the mix.

The video stars two of the most outrageous artists making music right now - RiFF RAFF and Boaz van de Beatz. The former maybe more known (especially Stateside), but the latter is nearly as outrageous. Van de Beats just released an EP on Mad Decent called Horse Force after all.

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The track, "Guappa", is actually one from Van de Beatz as well and you can certainly tell. It has the auto-tune, intense build, and delirious drop the Dutch producer is known for. The video is also right in line with his previous work, pitting the artist against the Neon Icon by way of lasers, craters and Beverly Hills. May the horse be with you.

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