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See Richie Hawtin's Past Behind-The-Scenes


See Richie Hawtin Behind-The-Scenes

The definition of EDM is too closed, perhaps just meaning something about electronic pop music. And we want to go beyond that definition.

-Richie Hawtin in 2012 CNTRL Tour video

Richie Hawtin recently published a video that shows you what you can expect from his upcoming CNTRL College tour, as well as giving you a pretty good understanding of where he's come from and where music is headed.

The video follows Hawtin and friends on the CNTRL tour is 2012, and features insight from artists like Seth Troxler, Carl Craig, Kevin & Dantiez Sanderson, Loco Dice, and more along with people from the universities themselves. Describing his own (troubled) schoolings, Hawtin's mom Brenda even goes on record.

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The video shows that the CNTRL tour is far more than publicity for the artists. It's something that's trying to ignite the musical passions of students, whether those passions lie directly with or indirectly around the music itself.

Why is rock and roll or hip hop, all these other things big in America? A  lot of bands spend a lot of time going on tour buses, going through to the small places and connecting the dots. This is us connecting those dots for the first time for electronic music.

-Richie Hawtin in 2012 CNTRL Tour video

This year's CNTRL will expand on this template with eight university stops scheduled. Each stop is a day long with and includes learnings by day and shows by night. Check out the site for more info.

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