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See What Kaskade Dreams About In New Video


See Kaskade 'Act' In New Music Video

Kaskade just released the music video for his new single "Never Sleep Alone" which was a slight departure from his typically more progressive and soft style. Would the music video carry this same newfound edge?

Making sure to point out what exactly is happening, in case you couldn't tell by the song title or him sleeping on a bed with his eyes closed, Kaskade posted an initial comment and description of the video.

Take a look into my dreamland.

It's at least the second time now that the artist has featured a bed prominently in his music videos. The other one we can think of being "Room For Happiness" in 2012. Another video Kaskade makes an acting appearance in. This time though, he's not acting so much as he's just sleeping... alone.

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This writer would like to be positive and say "at least there's no concert footage" but we should be well beyond that at this point with how popular the music is, and how big an artist Kaskade is. The video isn't bad, it's just disappointing if I'm being honest. That's only being said to encourage more creativity in the future.

A music video about a guy dreaming for a song called "Never Sleep Alone" with a horse thrown in the mix just doesn't cut it. And then to tell us it's about a "dreamland". Yep. Got it the first time.

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