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Troxler Garrix Collabo: April Fools Or Hell Frozen Over?


April Fools Or Hell Frozen Over?

Seth Troxler just spoke to Thump about "doing frog", and if this photo is to be believed, it's had an interesting effect on him. News of a perhaps the strangest collaboration of all time comes straight outta his own Facebook account.

An undisputed techno king of the underground and vocal EDM-hater, Seth Troxler just announced that he and EDM darling Martin Garrix will release a track together. Troxler Garrix: Mega collabo. But wait, there's more. On Spinnin Records. Banger!

Garrix just finished crashing a boat into David Guetta's dock with Tiesto in Miami after releasing their collaborative teaser via 7Up. Troxler just told Mixmag "I feel like EDM and underground dance music shouldn’t necessarily be united, as we don’t share common goals or interests."

While both are talented artists, the difference in style between the two producers is pretty stark. The collision of the two world's would certainly be something on the level of the Large Hadron Collider.

You should be asking yourself what day it is before you start yelling "Troxlix", because this is clearly an April Fools Day joke.

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Then again... stranger things have happened. Like when Troxler was in Top Gun and DJ'd on Mars.

April Fools Or Hell Frozen Over?

April Fools Or Head-On EDM Collision?

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