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Playlist: Seven Songs That Scream Beirut

A forerunner of EDM in the Middle East, here are our seven selections that highlight the vibrant Beirut nightlife!

Beirut city is a the forerunners of EDM in the Middle East. Whatever the season, a long list of international DJs have graced the turntables at some of the most prominent clubs out there like BO 18, Uberhaus, The Garten and The Grand Factory to name but a few. Local legends, Gunther and Stamina, Phil, Jade, Tala, Vanclod Jandam, Ronin and Ladybug all keep the crowd on their tiptoes, every week, with an array of “blood-pumping, feel-good tunes”. Enough chitchat, lets get to the good stuff. Here are a seven songs that scream Beirut City.

1. Mashrou Leila - Embembelela7 (Jade Remix)

Walking into Grand factory on a Friday night, partygoers are sure to hear Jade’s remix of "Embembelela7" by Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou Leila. I personally love this remix as the oriental beats reign supreme throughout the track. And hey, these boys are our pride and joy.

2. Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party

When it comes to songs that remind me of Lebanon, one that comes to mind, even though it isn’t all that new, is "Moonlight Party" by Fonzerelli. A summer anthem depicting the Lebanese party scene. It never ends. It pops up now and again in clubs and bars alike. Tiesto’s mix is just a build up to awesomeness.

3. Gui Boratto - Azzurra

"Azzurra" by Gui Boratto, although quite an old tune, I had to drop it in here, somewhere. Gracing the turntables of some of the more posh nightclubs from a few years back, like SkyBar and Iris, this is a great lounge tune. A prelude to a good night.

4. Bonobo - Terrapin

"Terrapin" by Bonobo is another great song. Highlighting on Lebanon’s sunnier beach days, this tune gets played at beach bars and pools. Wine down and enjoy that frozen margarita or strawberry daiquiri, whatever your poison is. Beach, waves, sand, Bonobo…

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5. St. Germain - So Flute

St. Germain’s "So Flute" is a regular tune played at some lounge-turn-club-music type venues like those of White, Iris and Pier 7. Some warm up vibes for the crowd.

6. Dirty Doering - Ete Pluvieux (Nicone Remix)

Another tune that usually gets dropped at night-clubs and beach bars alike is Dirty Doering's "Ete Pluvieux" with the Nicone remix.

7. Bass Kleph - Ghost Machine

"Ghost Machine" by Bass Kleph, one of my all time favorites, is a perfect dance anthem here in Beirut. Really gets the crowd moving.

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