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Skrillex Snapchat Offer Hard To Refuse


Skrillex Makes Snapchat Offer Hard To Refuse

There was a time when people would snatch up domain names in hopes that big companies would want them bad enough to fork over tons of money to get them. Apparently, that game is still going on, in the Snapchat world.

Skrillex tweeted today that he'll give backstage passes (plural) to whoever has the Skrillex Snapchat handle in exchange for it. Can't argue with Skrillex just wanting to be himself. As it stands now, he's Skrilloo.

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Check out the Tweet below. You can find Skrillex @Skrillex on Twitter btw (nobody was mean enough to take that one). Would you take the passes, or would keep it for old times sake?

Skrillex Makes Snapchat Offer Hard To Refuse

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