State Demands Jack U Eyes


State Demands Jack-U Eyes

Skrillex and Diplo would be proud. After all, who would they be without their eyes? They would simply be Jack-U. And Facebook would have nothing to translate.

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If you've not caught on yet, we're talking about those two little dots above the Ü. You know, the eyes. Their iconic smiling U would lose all personality and be relegated to just being a letter.

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You can imagine now perhaps, how upset people must be in Minnesota. The state had abandoned the dots (called umlauts) despite the heavily Nordic culture whose language demands them. We're serious. This is serious.

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One example of the problem is the city of Lindström. That o-face all of a sudden just becomes the letter-O when you drop the eyes off.

Where are we going with this? Nowhere really. Maybe Minnesota. But it shows you how important the umlaut is even in electronic culture, and how Skrillex and Diplo, despite their party ways, still manage to give people an education by way of the media (us) telling you what umlauts are.

Consider this your geography and Scandinavian lesson for the day, people. As you were.

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