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The 5 Best DJ Sets at Coachella (Weekend One)


Weekend one of Coachella is a wrap and the Yuma tent has just enjoyed its third successful year at the festival. Since the tent's inception, it has brought in some of the top underground DJs in the world such as Maya Jane Coles, Jamie Jones, Richie Hawtin, & many more.

However, there have been some fairly noticeable problems with the tent that have hindered the 100 percent enjoyment of the music such as overbearing security, cattle-like entrances into the tent, limited exit spaces, mediocre acoustics, and a very limited view of the actual DJ playing.

So aside from the few stated nuisances, the Yuma tent at Coachella fostered some amazing performances this past weekend and it was definitely the top spot at the festival to view some world-class DJ sets. Here are the best 5 DJ Sets I saw during weekend one at Coachella - all falling under one tent.

1. Tale Of Us


One of the most anticipated electronic acts, not only for me but many others as well, turned out to be the best of all electronic music sets this year at Coachella. The Italian techno duo known as Tale Of Us followed up Andrea Oliva's rousing set on Saturday afternoon in the underground dance music tent (Yuma).

They did what they do best in a shorter-than-usual 70-minute set by kicking off with their usual brand of smooth and hypnotic techno layered with very subtle melodies. They then built up to a crescendo with techno similar to that of Maceo Plex' own "Conjure Sex".

Tale Of Us is a definite act you need to catch weekend two if you plan on attending because they don't have any gigs lined up in the U.S. within the foreseeable future.

Weekend Two Set Time: 420 p.m. - 530 p.m. (Saturday)

2. Carl Craig



Photo Credit: Timothy Norris

Once Tale Of Us lit the Yuma tent on fire, I knew I had to stick around as the energy in the place was immense. Carl Craig made sure to not only contain that energy but take it to the next level as well.

Following a solid 45 minute build of unrelenting techno from the Detroit master came Adam Beyer's absolutely massive remix of "Say What" by Gary Beck. But the best was still to come as he pulled out his secret weapon which came in the form of a mashup between Richard Strauss’ "Also Sprach Zaratustra" (which you may know as the theme song from A Space Odyssey) and Bart Skills' Drumcode hit "Shadowprint". By this time, Carl Craig had slayed the Yuma crowd with some serious no-bullshit techno, but he wasn't done because he did the the unthinkable and mixed in Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams".

The Yuma ravers were completely won over and the rest was history. Weekend Two attendees pay attention and catch him next week on Saturday at 530pm in the Yuma tent!

Weekend Two Set Time: 530 p.m. - 650 p.m. (Saturday)

3. Jon Hopkins


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Jon Hopkins has worked with many notable acts such as Imogen Heap, Briano Eno, & even Coldplay. Now as a solo artist though, he has been able to shine brighter than ever before.

His last two studio albums, Diamond Mine & Immunity were both critically-acclaimed by the British press and his essential mix late last year was not only a front-runner for the mix of the year. It's also where he caught the attention of many.

His eclectic and experimental set may have been slightly out place in the Yuma, but nonetheless he played it brilliantly. The set peaked about half way through with his 2013 underground hit, "Open Eye Signal". From that point on, he led the Yuma into a crescendo of avant-garde IDM that would normally be strictly for the hardcore fans. The crowd stuck with it though and the rest was glorious.

Weekend Two Set Time: 6 p.m. - 715 p.m. (Friday)

4. Andrea Oliva


Saturday was indeed the big day for electronic music in the Yuma tent. The ANTS Ibiza resident Andrea Oliva had the honor of unofficially kicking the day off with a 70-minute set of upbeat tech-house that ended on the highest note with the 2012 Deetron remix of George Fitzgerald's "Every Inch".

Get to Coachella early next Saturday in order to catch his set at 310pm.

Weekend Two Set Time: 310 p.m. - 420 p.m. (Saturday)

5. J.E.S.+S. (Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream, & Seth Troxler)


The newly-formed and somewhat controversial DJ super-group known as J.E.S.+S. first came together for a Boiler Room set in Ibiza last July, and by popular demand they made their world debut here at Coachella without a hitch.

They played a rousing 3-hour set that closed out the Yuma tent on Sunday night and each DJ's selection in the set made it apparent as to who was playing. This made for an exciting performance by the foursome.

The varied electronic music selection spun by the four friends shifted between all varieties of electronic music for the dancefloor and everyone loved it. If you want to close out your Coachella weekend with a bang next week, then make sure you spend the last 3 hours of your time with these four guys in the Yuma tent.

Weekend Two Set Time: 900 p.m. - 1155 p.m. (Sunday)

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