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The Mexico City Sound In 10 Loco Selections



Photo by Roberto Gama

Mexico City has an amazingly diverse culture and the music culture here has mainly been built upon Cumbia and Rock, but thanks to EDM, this music scene is getting bigger. Although it will take sometime until dance music is widely accepted, with pop being fused with EDM this is happening faster than I thought. Bear with me as we have a very strange chart here, but the tracks listed, I am sure you will enjoy.


"Mirando a las muchachas"
Mexican Institute of Sound
There was a time when in 1966 a song was released, "Music to Watch Girls By", a track that is well known everywhere in the world, and, in Mexico, thanks to the Hermanos Castro, we have a spanish version of it. 40 years later, Camilo Lara, well known for his project Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, in English, Mexican Institute of Sound, released a resample of this song, with modern beatbox that makes it club-friendly.


"Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"
RCA Records
The perfect disco track, with this synth bass that blows heads off and kick drums that will make you jump in the club or at your favorite festival, this track is the perfect track to drop at a show in Mexico, because everyone knows it, and everyone will dance to it.


"Barbra Streisand"
Duck Sauce
All Around the World Productions
I really love this one. Disco vibes, catchy vocals, and those risers, they get everyone dancing.


"Tipo Raro"
Mexican Institute of Sound
This one was featured in the movie "Hecho en Mexico" mashed up with the Huichol song "Cusinela". Both songs are perfect beats for any party.


Bingo Players
Hysteria Records
This one is a must when you play mainstream EDM, it has this sick leads and the perfect progression to transform a boring party to a rave in just a “Get up!”

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"Ping Pong Tremor"
Armin Vaan Buuren & Hardwell Vs. Martin Garrix & Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
(Fanmade mashup)
Personally, I hate Hardstyle and Big Room. But when you are at a festival, this is what makes the people bounce, and specifically this track, was one of the most heard at #EDCMX.


"The Rhythm Of The Night"
ZYX Music
This is not even Dance music (Well, it's disco) but it was one of the most OVERPLAYED tracks at EDC and everyone loves it, partly because here in Mexico not everyone knows how to sing it.


"Tijuana Sound Machine"
Nortec Collective presents: Bostich + Fussible
Nacional Records
Bostich + Fussible and The Tijuana Sound Machine, my favorite track, of Mexican Electronic Music. It just blows you up, it's a mashup of Norteño music with Dance beats and resampling from 2008.


Martin Solveig Ft. Dragonnette
Mercury Records.
This track is here because this was the first dance track (As I can recall) that was first featured in a spot. Specifically in a beer promo. And well, it was made viral because of this promo.


"We No Speak Americano"
Yolanda Be Cool ft. DCUP
Sweat It Out!
This is really annoying. Why? Because this song also went viral before it was known in Mexico City. Back in 2009, everybody loved this song, and I don’t blame them. Catchy Synths, Crisp Drums, and an easy-to-remember lead. And you are asking yourselves why I classified this song as number 1. Because this was such a hit, that was the first time the Mexican TV saw live EDM performances.

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