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Tiesto Mask Makes It Into The History Books

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Tiesto Goalie Mask Worn In NHL Game

Tiesto is ice cold right now. His logo was printed on a the helmet that NHL goalie Henrik Lundqvist reportedly wore for today's reportedly historic NY Rangers game. The game set a franchise record for the NY Rangers for most "wins and points in a single season" according to MSG Networks who also tweeted the photo.

We're gonna go ahead and say it... EDM has broken the ice.

Photo tweeted by MSG Networks
The Rangers won the game 4-2 against the Washington Capitals but hey, the Rangers are a lock for the playoffs so they didn't really need the victory. That said, it may have been your one chance to see the helmet in action. You can kind of see it here.

Tiesto Goalie Mask Worn In NHL Game

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If you're not familiar with the NHL, goalies have a long history of elaborate mask designs and changing them periodically. But to our knowledge, this is a first for EDM.

According to the Music Times, the Tiesto design is part of a series of goalie mask designs Henrik Lundqvist had done. They were all part of an interview/mask exchange which also included Jeff Gordon and Michael J Fox.

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