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Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 4.11.15 Chart

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Spring has sprunnnnngggg here in London!! Just been out running with a mighty UKF Podcast for company (I See Monstas #53 if anyone needs some inpiration) in the first round of sunshine Great Britain has seen in a long ass time.

My excitement here may be slightly premature - I'll regret it when it pours torrentially on me in my shorts and poorly fake tanned pins next week - but Spring essentially means sunshine! Beats outside in a beer garden! And Bean on a bass bender apparently.

Come rain or shine, get outside in that weather and bash through the playlist below...I warn you, it's not particularly mellow or dripping with sunshine, but the tunes are hearty and the vibes are dirty.

Check out the full playlist for the chart here.

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“Cold Steppin’”
Simple Technique

Rising up duo, Simple Technique, give it out hard in this track. All I can say here is that it's sexy. It just is.

“Track 8”
RAM Records

Bit late to the party on this one - but better late than never! There be something strangely pink panther-esque about this tune - that just me? Nevertheless, a tune all the same!

Med School

Been a little while since the chart has boasted one of my big faves, Keeno. Stoked to say he’s back with four new ones on his soon to be released EP, Preludes. Missed the fellah.

“Bad Guys”
Jam Thieves
Radius Recordings

More deeply satisfying brotherly action (not like that - rude.) from Brazilian siblings in crime, Guilherme & Neto aka Jam Thieves. A menacing little bastard if I ever heard one...

Original Sin

T-Rex jump up wubbbb!! Currently at the bottom of the Beatport and destined for the top – I sniff a grower kids.

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“Don’t Even Know”
Warm Communications

I know deserved hype when I see it…Chorux is unsigned and carving a path towards your eardrums anyway! Take the hint - don’t be guilty of not even knowing it. Check it out!

Roygreen & Protone
Demand Records

A beat to get that lip curl twitching to...the more you listen, the more it reels you in and before you know it you're twitching all your bits all over the place. The second half of this track really brings it in and the piano is a sweet touch.

Ekko & Sidetrak & Gran Calavera
Viper Recordings

Some overdue love for my Aussie neighbours – Ekko & Sidetrak are Perth boys and brothers to boot. Their sound has been labelled a mixture of dancefloor, liquid, future jazz and big bass. Not too shabby Australia, not to shabby…

“Deadline (Dub Phizix Remix)”
Function Records

If only all my deadlines were as welcome an addition as this Dub Phizix remix.

“Hyper Percussive”
Recode Audio

Bit of a wild card but this swizzler of a track by Bristol kid C92 got me going all buffet on it- that percussion had me sneaking back…and back…and back…

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