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Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 4.18.15 Chart


In what is perhaps a misguided effort to improve my stress levels and flexibility (stop ittttt) I am partaking in a bikram yoga class for 90 minutes tomorrow morning. Being over hot and sweaty with strangers during the weekend comes as no great detour for me - it does however, remain to be seen whether I will be able to tolerate the lack of a highly aggressive musical soundtrack which usually accompanies my sweat ridden interactions.

It ain't no Ravercise and it doesn't involve my heart rate bashing in time to Mefjus as I sprint (crawl) along the Thames jogging path... but it's good to try different things - yes? Same can be said for tunes.

See if you're willing to take a whirl on something a little different from your usual amongst the offerings below. They're all good - promise ya!

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“Pop It Off”
The Prototypes ft. Mad Hed City
Viper Recordings

Tune is causing an absolute ruckus in the dnb community this week...can't think why...not even stimulating. Doesn't even make me want to rip my jumper off and shimmy it between my legs like a loon. Not one bit.

“Freaks (June Miller Remix)”
Dr Meaker ft. Cappo D & Sharlene Hector
Circus Media

June Miller are to drum and bass what tomato sauce is to a fat stack of hot chips. Already pretty damn good before something came and made it mind blowing. Seriously, game changers.

“Faded (Delta Heavy Bootleg)”

Everyone likes a bootleg - mainly, I suspect, because they're a bit naughty...other than that, in this particular case, there's obviously the sickness and draw of a tune touched (however inappropriately) by Delta Heavy!

“Passed Up”
Critical Music

Take Friction's advice from the premiere of this tune on BBC Radio1 this week -  it's one of those tunes, get the volume slightly higher and you'll really know about it.

“Peat Bog (Posij Remix)
Underslung Audio

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It's tracks like the below that have me gobsmacked as to why anyone prefers pop music over sweet stuff like this - all the layers, all the talent that pours into a tune and people are still throwing their cash at a moron draped over a demolition apparatus. Rant over. Listen to the good tune!

 “Monkey Chaos”
Electrosoul System, NClear, Roygreen & Protone

What is this witchcraft?! Doors creakily closing with menace, alien invasions, dirty female gasping (1.13 onwards - don't tell me you don't hear that!)... it's all here and smothered in drum and bass.

“Maybe (Fred V & Grafix Remix)”

Frafix remain one of my all time faves purely based on nothing other than their continually above decent quality standard. They're effing amazing basically. I sincerely hope they never stop doing what they do.

BTK, Maztek & Optiv
Drum&BassArena Exclusive

This disorienting tune is up exclusively on the Drum&BassArena 2015 album and is a wonkly little bastard. Don't go climbing any scaffolding with this number blaring!

Redeyes & Dan Stezo

Vandal Limited

If it's slower, it takes something proper smooth and chill to take my fancy - this one goes down like ice cream, baby.

“Lullaby (Logistics Remix)”
Andreya Triana
Counter Records

This is the type of tune my little monsters will be crashing out to one day -  none of that baa baa black sheep/hush little baby shit. Mark my words.

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