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Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 4.25.15 Chart

Stoke-On-Trent, a little city famed for pottery, oatcakes and cracking accents. Whose relevance to drum and bass seems to lie solely in the fact that I am currently here...and I kinda dig it. The locals all shudder at the thought of living in London for more than a one off visit and in some ways, I'm inclined to agree. The chilled, welcoming vibe here is unavoidably nice. I'm from a small town myself and I do love the vibe. However, the lack of event posters peeling from the underpasses and knowledge that tonight I will sit in a pub, eat a shameful portion of chips and listen to some 60 year old resident (most likely Dad) croon over top of the karaoke jukebox - is enough to send me flying back to London in a heartbeat. If you are from Stoke and you love the dirty dnb, feel free to set me straight. And for the love of god, take me out tonight and show me your bass face - before I'm subjected to Dad's makeshift version instead. Here are this weeks Top 10 Drum and Bass tracks.

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Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris

Vision Recordings

According to, a clusterfunk is 'a series of unpleasant events that escalate into something huge and totally blown out of proportion'. So in this respect, not 100% sure that's an accurate title - but there's definitely some escalation occurring!

"Mistakes (DC Breaks Remix)"
Eelke Kleijn
RAM Records

I don't know what the original tune here sounds like, and I'm purposely not listening because I don't want to know. I doubt there is quite anything at this moment that can compare to the goodness of this.

Friction vs. Metrik
Shogun Audio

That what I said up there ^^ - yeah, I was lying. Because then I found this.
What do you expect, I'm a girl!

"Into Black"
Critical Music

I chose this particular track from the new Emperor LP of the same name...but there 5 other bad boys on there dropping on the 27th of April and if this one is anything to go by, you're all in for a treat.

Red (Document One Remix)
Decoder & Substance Feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes
Technique Recordings

Too many chefs spoil the soup? Nahhh, not a chance here - that's soup, and this is good shit. Keep the amp on red indeed.

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"Dark Moves"
Friction vs. Prolix
Shogun Audio

Can not get enough of these Friction hook-ups and really, can you blame me? They're all beasts and I would not be doing my job if I didn't merrily and continuously spoon feed them down your throat with a big shout of suck on this!

"Machines (Mefjus Remix)"

Just through my own personal experience, I have long viewed Modestep as my own personal gateway drug to dnb - so seeing them team up with Mefjus gains an immediate and hearty tick from me.

"Next Generation"
RAM Records

RAM's token Canadian serves up some swooping sparkly shit here (this being a very good thing!!) with a title that is perhaps a nod to his plans for dnb domination...we remain watchful...

"Cotton Punch"
Current Value
Invisible Recordings

Man the space rigs (if you've got access to 'em) - these E.T bastards have their lasers and they are coming in hot!

"Intoxicated (DJ Fresh)"
Martin Solveig & GTA

Spinnin' Remixes

Only because it's the weekend and I'm feeling silly on it do I bring you this. Also it made the Beatport chart so it must be cool. Effing catchy I know that, listen with pride my dnb thugs. Listen with pride.

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