Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks – 4.6.15 Chart

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After a ridiculously animated and passionate discussion about London's rave scene with a new hairdresser on Thursday night (I'm a natural blonde -  I swear!), I was tickled by the broad variety of punters that dnb's milkshake brings to the yard.

Sporting long blonde, neon green tipped locks, a mesh vest, and a belter of a Yorkshire accent, I had him dubiously pegged for a techno head of the pogo-sticking, glowstick twirling variety. However, following a bit of gentle chat, it became clear that this man knew - not only his drum and bass - but his garage...and his acid glazed neuro-hop house...and basically a shit ton more than I.

Shame on me for making assumptions, and big ups him for having such enthusiasm for all the music under the sun. You really can't judge a book by its cover - a lesson which I feel is adequately demonstrated by Dawson's above angst.

Poor Dawson, no dnb for him....my fingers and bits are crossed that this was not the case for you this long, lonnnng weekend. Whether you're staunchly dnb or pumping your pins pogo-style, enjoy it, drink water and make sure you deliver a high five to a fellow music appreciator..

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Divine Elements and Kronology
Technique Recordings

A proper hearty welcome to the next level indeed…this will set the floors in cinders when it gets rolled out in the mosh...tune of the week!

Push (Rene LaVice Remix)”

Rene LaVice is errrrrywhere at the moment – and with good reason. If you haven’t been hit up the side of yo’ head with this Canadian lad yet, then start with ‘Push’. Bouncy as your grandma on a couple of Red Bull’s, and what’s not to like about that!

“The Thrill (Fawks Flip Remix)”

Nero is one of my great loves so I take the remixing of them very seriously indeed. Good thing unsigned artist (cough) Fawks Flip has done such a killer job here.

"Modern Love (Friction Remix)”
Hospital Records

The mad lad with a lean who can do no wrong. A beaut' here again - as per usual.

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Survival & Silent Witness
Vision Recordings

Sexy and disturbing in equal measures- don't think I have ever been so simultaneously creeped out and intrigued by a tune before. Nice bit of heebie jeebie action!

“The Blob”
Hospital Records

Oh hi Reso, you here again? Don’t mind if I do!! Loving the stuff coming out of the Reso camp with all roads leading to a banger LP release – Ricochet.

“Guinea Pig”
Neonlight and Wintermute
Blackout Music NL

This tracks beat is as skitzy as it’s namesake – stuttering, all over the joint and stealing in at 100 on the Beatport chart…this tunes gonna gain some traction! Wait for it…

Xilent ft. Diamond  Eyes
AudioPorn Records

Drum and bass to wear leg warmers to? Chromeo does dnb? However you wanna label this up, it's a good time regardless. Ridiculously goofy feel good drum and bass...

Vision Recordings

As dark and hard as a nighttime hike up Everest (yeah, you heard me!) …and you should not expect any less from the Netherlandish Noisia crew. This is busting out from the ‘Incessant’ EP which is coming at ya April 20th.

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