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Top 10 Future Bass Tracks — 4.6.15 Chart

Top 10 Future Bass Tracks — 4.6.15 Chart

I had a pretty amazing weekend, so I tried to keep the vibe going with some hype tracks on this week's top 10 future bass tracks. These high energy tunes will make you feel like the weekend never ended.

1. “Flex” - Stooki Sound & Regulators
At this point, Stooki Sound tracks seem to be a ubiquitous element in almost every trap DJ’s set (they even told us how they schooled Dillon Francis in his own hotel room). This heavy hitting collaboration with The Regulators shows why.

2. “Bad Bitches By The Pool” - Milo Mills
Milo Mills latest offering is a well produced pastiche of various well known dance music samples synthesized into a UK garage format.

3. “Fireman” - TroyBoi
TroyBoi returns with “Fireman”, yet another track produced in his unmistakable signature sound.

4. “Neoprene" feat. Billion Dollars - L’homme Aux 4 Lettres, Record Record
French club/future bass producer L’homme aux 4 lettres makes a return on his label Record Record’s increasingly popular series of Filet Mingon mixtapes. Forward thinking club music at its finest.

5. “Lipsync (Big Dope P Remix)" - Joseph Marinetti, Heka Trax
Not even sure what genre to call this, since it flirts with footwork drum patterns while employing future bass style synths and sampling styles. Can’t wait to hear Big Dope P’s forthcoming EP.

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6. “Lay It Down (DZZ Remix)" - Lloyd
Future bass with yodeling style sampling? An unlikely pair, but DZZ makes them work. Had to include this one on this week’s top 10 future bass tracks. DZZ is a producer to watch for sure.

7. “Poison Mind” - Eprom
Eprom just released six new songs on his soundcloud, and I had an extremely difficult time choosing just one. “Poison Mind” made the cut due to the unique blend of classical melodies and 8-bit sounds.

8. “Only U” - C Y G N.
The only downtempo track on this list is still super hot regardless of its low speed. So many feels on this one.

9. “Throw Some D’s (Luca Lush & Dirty Chocolate Remix)", Rich Boy, Alaya
I don’t think there’s any style of dance music that Luca Lush can’t master. Caught up with him at his recent warehouse set for I Heart Comix, and not only is he incredibly talented, but also extremely friendly and personable.

10. “Promises (feat. Fetty Wap & Dubbel Dutch)" - Baauer, Yours Truly & Adidas Originals
Fetty Wap of “Trap Queen” fame teams up with Baauer for this heartfelt hood anthem.

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