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Top 10 Hard Dance Tracks - 4.1.15 Chart


Photo courtesy of Brennan Heart

Welcome back to this week's Top 10 Hard Dance releases! We had so many amazing new selections to review, including some from a few of my personal favorites -- Darren Styles, Brennan Heart, Organ Donors, D-Mind and Atmozfears. Huge amounts of talent coming from them, and such a consistent level of dedication to their craft!

Some new names also graced our chart this week with brand new releases from Routter, Avana Ton Hora, Waverider and Slaterz. I highly suggest digging into their discography and familiarizing yourself with their sounds, while their names may not be hitting the tops of the charts now, they're sure to start catapulting their way up! Be sure to check back next week for an entirely new lineup!

"Follow The Light"
Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn
We R

After the 2014 mega hit "Imaginary" penetrated the hearts of hardstyle lovers across the globe, Jonathan Mendelsohn and Brennan Heart are back for a soul wrenching sequel. Whether you're a seasoned 200BPM loving veteran or a 150 newbie with a passion for kicks, this track is definitely sure to be in your top 5 favorites this year.

K1 Records

Routter appeared late in 2014 with plenty of free teasers for his fan base, now finally the rest of the world has a high energy EP from the talented producer to add to their coveted raw collections. This is Routter's first official label release, and as long as they keep coming this good - I'd say he has a supreme future in the hard biz.

"The Rebel"
Fusion Records

One of my personal favorite tracks this week comes to us from the multitalented Avana. With influences such as The Pitcher, Exit Mind and MC Villian, his sounds are as diverse as they come. With a clean variety ranging from the darkest, most obscene places in hard dance to the most uplifting, euphoric measures, 'The Rebel' is a thing of pure beauty.

"Hands In The Sky"
Ton Hora
Hard Bass Crew

Stepping outside our normal chart entries this week comes an amazingly unique track from Ton Hora at The Hard Bass Crew. Literally, it's everything you want all rolled into one. Hardcore, Hard House, Hardstyle, Techno, Garage... It's all packed into one song and while it sounds like a clusterfuck, it's actually quite phenomenal. Listen, now.

"20,000 Hardcore Members"
Organ Donors vs. Antolini & Montorsi
Audio Surgery

What's not to love about Organ Donors? They're bizarre and crazy and full of energy all of the time. If you haven't checked them out live I sincerely suggest jumping on it. Their newest release '20,000 Hardcore Members' is a straight up dedication to the fans and the followers of hard dance. Basically, it's your brain on hardstyle.

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Scantraxx Recordz

Waverider is one of those producers that came out of nowhere and slapped us across the face with a single hit. Last summer's charts were full of expertly produced singles and collaborations and I'm proud to have some new material on here for spring 2015. Be sure to keep this one on hand, it's a mood stabilizer.

"In The Rain"
D-Mind feat. Scala
Activa Records

This song is just gorgeous. Everything from the vocals to the melody to the euphoric kickdrum balance, it's a beautifully composed release from start to finish. I anticipate hearing this throughout the summer festival season.

"On Your Mark"
Hard With Style

Atmozfears... the name on everyone's top hard dance list right now and with good reason! His heart and soul go into everything he touches -- really there's no introduction needed for this. Just turn it all the way up and enjoy.

"Lost in the Music"
Activa Records

I accidentally stumbled across this track while searching through Activa Records' releases and I'm so glad it found me. This release is fire! Slaterz has such a unique vibe to every track made and it has truly been a pleasure listening to trough the catalog.

"Jump Up"
Darren Styles, Re-Con & Whizzkid
Together We Rise

Darren Styles is one of those guys that just makes things work. This is especially true for this recent collab between Re-Con & Whizzkid -- it's just happiness, layer after layer. So far, 2015 is proving to be a spectacular year for D. Styles and with this newest addition to his roster, it's about to get even better!

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