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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 4.09.15 Chart

Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 4.09.15 Chart


Holy Ghost!

Indie dance enthusiasts, the week has finally come for this writer. It is the week to fall of the face of the earth and head first into the best offering of spring time festivaling the world has ever seen, at least since last year this time.

In celebration of all things Coachella, I present to you a Coachella-themed indie dance chart that will get you all sorts of excited for your next adventure on the polo fields, be it in the actual or just the streaming world. Wish me luck out there, and just remember, I'll be cutting up those polo fields just for you finding the latest and greatest this dance music thing has to offer!

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"Never Stop"
Whimsical and bass driven, KRNE has a talent that isn't just given. KRNE comes out of nowhere with a genre hybrid that doesn't fit into any box, it just soars into a place all its own. There is trap, there are dreamy elements, there are huge emotions. Take a moment, sit back and let KRNE give you a moment to relax. He's got the perfect soundtrack in this song, just for you!


"Rumored to Be Real"
Bee's Knees feat. Marty Rod
Sexy Electric
What are your indie pop dance needs like lately? Are you fiending? Do you need the absolute Bee's Knees to come and light your heart on fire with the right kind of pop? Well, here is an ambitious work that is going to do the absolute trick. Get ready to groove to something romantic and instantly likeable. Don't forget to give it up to those guitar riffs...


"Road Trip"
Patrick Lite
Can Patrick Lite just be discovered and signed already? This guy is an absolute undiscovered master, and I have to scream his praises from the high heavens. If you want to listen to someone ahead of the melodic house game, listen to Patrick Lite like yesterday! Big time supporters over here at Magnetic, so if you trust our taste, trust Patrick Lite to take care of you!


Al Gobi
A brilliant use of melody has you flying away to a gorgeous place with a vintage feel, all thanks to Al Gobi. This graceful work is the definition of a pleasant memory.


"Broadway Kiss (Osmose Edit)"
Whiskey Disco
Are you ready to disco? You better be because this song spins right round like the shiniest disco ball you have ever seen! Quick professional disclaimer, do not let your kids listen to this because that vocal sample is all sorts of not pg-rated. Here is a tune that has demands - 1. You smile, 2. You ABSOLUTELY dance your heart out! This is going to transport you to some hot sexy discotheque from days long gone by.


"Make It Easy"
Ben Browning
Yellow Year Records
Cut copy member Ben Browning goes solo! This is not synthpop, but it is disco with soulful vocals, so praise that! It is definitely a vastly different sound than Cut Copy, but the indie pop prowess is boldly apparent. Overall it is fun and fanciful!

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"Break The Funk"
Bastard Jazz
I have been meaning to tell you, you look like you have been woefully lacking in funked out dance music! Crew Love members FSQ got you covered with a subtle number that is mysterious and oozing in funky, sexy vibes!


"The Giver *Reprise)"
Duke Dumont
Blase Boys Club
Annie Mac called it the hottest record of late, and that's not that surprising for those in the know. He has been circling the Grammy's like a ravenous great white for his totally well deserved win, yet sadly it has proven elusive. With a back to back Coachella billing, Duke Dumont holds an achievement few can claim, but Duke Dumont is far from ordinary, so naturally he reprises one of his hits in the most amazing way possible!


"Runddans (Erol Alkan Rework)"
Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm
Ready for a psychedelic cosmic dance oriented adventure? Say no more, Erol Alkan's got you covered with his latest bold reimagining. The Phantasy records label-head finally ventures to Californian soil for two solid weeks at Coachella, so if you have a chance, see this elusive creature while he is stateside!


"Two Brothers (Holy Ghost! Remix)"
Hanni El Khatib

Coming in hot with a new remix album, Holy Ghost! got me all sorts of hot and bothered with their phenomenal disco rework of Hanni El Khatib. These boys know exactly what they are doing, and its chock full of dumb disco ideas! Check my interview with them from last years Outside Lands.

Mix of the Week

The Magician's "Magic Tape 51" mix
He's magical and he's podcastable. Nuff said, just press play and get this mix in your head.


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