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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 4.2.15 Chart




Spring is in the air. Festival season is about to roar. Things are looking up, and this week's Top Indie Dance Tracks should help increase the excitement! Off-kilter is the best theme for this chart, as most of the songs against the grain and do their own thing. Fear not, they do their own thing all in sake of amazing dance music.

Limber up and stretch it out. I hope you got your Coachella bod right because it's practically upon us. Indie Dance lovers, now is the time to let those dance moves shine! Commence Indie Dance Chart!

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"Take This City"
Atlas Chair Records
Something special is coming out of Brooklyn, and no it doesn't look to be a moustached fixie enthusiast. If you aren't dancing to this song, you are doing it wrong. Big ups to that unexpected chorus!


"All U Writers"
All you writers, get out your pencils and wrrrrriiiiite! Indie House in the mix, and you best believe its got some great funk in its step. Love the vocal manipulation here on all the levels, and that bassline is groove approved.


mau5trap records
The latest anonymous character from the deadmau5 roster, making waves and taking names. Not much is known about ATTLAS, some thought it was Joel, but they thought wrong, and it's a bright new player. His latest EP is diverse and shows a good new direction for the label in my opinion. "Kayla" is a sensual number, and those synths just scream epic romance.


"Excuse Me"
Giancarlo Puigbó & Francisco Perez
A cool little something to get you going. It's subtle and struts its stuff, and then some space noises abound, so make the right decision and stick around all the way through on this one. Also, I love the bitchy attitude, and I won't ruin the surprise by directly saying what it is. Enjoy that bitchy mystery!


"White Dress"
Set Mo ft. Deutsch Duke
etcetc music
Deep romances deserve innovative deep house. Here is a song that brightens like a sunrise and fills your heart with all the positivity of sunshine.

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"Bapteme (Lucky Blue Eyes Version / Agoria Retouch)"
Agoria Feat. DJ Tennis & Luke Jenner
A lonesome trumpet cries out into the night, and masters get to work with a downtrodden groove. There is a film noir mysticism at play in this selection, and I don't want to say too much for ruining the mystery. You'll love it, so don't fight it, just play it.


Seth Troxler
Seth Troxler seems to be running the game, and his latest release on Rumors only adds to the existing mountain of credibility he has to his name.


"From Your Heart"
Catz n Dogz vs Peter Bjorn & John
Pets Recordings
Indie vs Dance, Dance vs Indie - that's the dichotomy of this selection, it's absolute perfection! A slow groover that knows what it is doing and has what it takes. This one deserves your best footwork.


"Very First Breath"
Hudson Mohawke feat. Irfane
Warp Records
The internet erupted when Hudson Mohawke unleashed the first single from his next album, Lantern. Collaborating with Irfane, Hudmo produced something that wasn’t trap music, rather something powerful and large in scope.


The number one this week is huge. It's bold and melodic, beautiful and sympathetic. It has all the feels and its absolutely the real deal. Kitsuné is a label that prides itself on picking winners and these Beataucue characters are undeniably triumphant. This song is a contender for top song of the year, and we're not even half way done!

Mix of the Week
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What has gotten into Diplo this year? We have a lot of music coming from this man, and he was kind enough to take the helm of his Diplo & Friend's show with a Major Lazer edition of the show.


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