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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 4.22.15 Chart

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Here we are with deep feels post Coachella and the beautiful realization that festival season has begun. This week's top Indie Dance selections goes RIGHT for your feels, and you better be in the mood for some emotive indie dance tracks.

The reworks on this list are extremely special, and the original works... Well, I can just say I am at a bit of a loss for words, they are just that good and that fun! Open your heart, stretch out that body, it's time for Magnetic's Indie Dance chart!

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"The Promise"
The Golden Boy
Eton Messy Records
Well, let's get things started off right with a bold atmospheric selection that emphasizes the deep feels. Infectious house music is just the best thing to get your weekend going. Maybe infectious is the wrong word, but this song just seeps right into your veins and takes over!


"Celebrate Life"
Eelke Kleijn
Spinnin’ Deep
Eelke Kleijn is not one to ever respect convention, he rips norms asunder. Here he makes a positive song that is going to absolutely have you celebrating life. This is an absolute dancefloor firestarter I imagine! Oh, and check our interview from earlier this year with this boundaryless producer!


"Need You"
Lqd Hrmny
Here is a selection that oozes sexy vibes. Here is a song that is a lover's embrace. Here is a song from some new talent that you should remember. LQD HRMNY may not like vowels, but LQD HRMNY loves making great music! Get ready for their new album set for free download on May 12!


"Fall In Love (Ardency Remix)"
Oh those San Diegans Ardency! They have great taste, and love taking those strong non-conventional songs and making them absolutely danceable! Took some courage to take on reimagining Phantogram, but we all know fortune favors the bold!


"Atomic Bomb (John Talabot Remix)"
Hot Chip Cover of William Onyeabor
A remix of a cover of a crazy original. It is greatness on greatness on greatenss, so much game recognize game going on here with John Talabot, Hot Chip and William Onyeabor. It's like the hippest musical inception ever!

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"Two Weeks (Craig Williams Remix)"
FKA Twigs
Craig Williams takes little miss awesome FKA Twigs on a techno rework journey. Craig Williams never fails, he only triumphses and exceeds all expectations.


"What Can I Do"
Samo Sound Boy
Samo Sound Boy blew me out of the water on Monday with the recent release of his debut album. It is full of soul and overflowing with talent, an intimate take on the dissolution of a relationship. Kudos to Samo Sound Boy, you made a break up sound oh so beautiful, and not to mention innovative.


"You Give Me Butterflies"
Justin Jay
Pets Recordings
One of the most memorable tunes from journey to Weekend One Coachella. This feels to be an amazing departure by Justin Jay from his previous productions, and as he is graduating from college, I hope he pursues more of this unique, summery, positive sound.


"Loud Places (Eekkoo Remix)”
Jamie xx feat. Romy
A surprise remix of the critically acclaimed Jamie xx by the bold producer Eekkoo. Eekkoo does a tremendous job with this rework, isolating the best elements in his opinion, and taking it a very Eekkoo locale. A rousing success if you ask me!


"Heart Hides"
ASCIO feat. San Mei
Velcro City Records
ASCIO seizes the number one spot this week with a song that is deeply emotive and delightfuly chill. Breathy and dreamy, this sultry summertime selection is a romantic sunset that you can play over and over again.

Mix of the Week

Spinee - 64 Thousand Dollar Bombs mix for Logo Magazine
Recommended to me by the always entertaining and extremely talented Richie Panic, this mix by Spinee for Logo Magazine does some very interesting things. Mostly madness and by god isn’t that just the best?


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