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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 4.30.15 Chart



Julio Bashmore

Hey there, Indie Dance fans, have you checked in with your heart this week? Emotional dance music appears to be the theme this week's Top Indie Dance chart. Love and loss, heartache and heartbreak, these songs come from very personal places near and dear to their producer's heart. Romance and dance music is one hell of a pairing, make love danceable and you will keep people in the club until the day they die. So, press play, and see what happens when your heart and feet start moving in synch to the beat. We even gave you a bonus track because we were feeling so good.

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”Reign (Shit Robot Remix)
Prinzhorn Dance School
DFA Records
Oh Shit Robot, you irish dance music making master you. He's done it again with a postpunk roller that's got a sinister edge and a forward thrust.


”Rush Hour”
Lido & Canblaster
Pelican Fly
I know it’s not everyone’s favorite time or topic, but when Lido and Canblaster want you to consider something like rush hour, you need to get over yourself and do it. These guys are crazy innovators, so don't expect anything familiar here. It's all forward thinking!


Beat Connection
Every component of this song gets a chance to shine, it is like a beautiful staged musical production. This song is definitely not one note, so much going on here, but I love the laidback vibe that translates into a solid groove.


Sexy Electric
Here is a song that has a breathy Beachhouse does something electro quality to it. Alma has a voice that respires sweetly. You get caught in this song and then suddenly it's over, that is when you know you are listening to something hot.


”America (ATTLAS Remix)
Okay, he's finally come out and declared he has a name, Jeff Hartford, so all people conspiring ATTLAS is deadmau5, just stop. Now, just focus on how amazing this bold producer is. He has a delicate touch that can float like a feather, or come crashing down like a colossus on a concrete parking garage. This remix is a beautiful rework that accomplishes all objectives and leaving me wanting SO MUCH MORE ATTLAS!


”Dim Sum”
Aus Music
If you've been wondering what Breach has been up to lately, well he moved to Amsterdam, had some dim sum and mushrooms and made his latest release for Aus music. I can definitely hear the mushrooms, not so much the dim sum. Here is a sonic trip that is vibrant, engaging. Oh that Breach, he'll always keep you on your feet!


”Forest of Love”
Different Recordings
The mysterious mask-wearing Claptone crushed the essential mix with his signature enigmatic stylings. He has the power to enchant and transport, and this time round he wants to take you to a Forest of Love that builds and shines the brightest green. Seldom do Claptone songs have much in common in my opinion, the only similarities I can find are that they are amazing and you will dance your face off, so be sure to have a mask ready after this one.

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”Unfinished Sympathy”
The Six feat. Jasmine Thompson

A deeper selection that grabs your attention, pulls you deep in and demands you dance. I love how layered and intricate this work is, the more you listen to it, the more it is a mosaic of well arranged strong components. The Six have what it takes, and they have taken me to some place special, compliments of Jasmine Thompson's lovely voice too. Did you also notice that it is a massive attack cover too?


Ten Walls
Ten Walls returns with another bombastic work that blows convention out of the water. Big sounds with big positive feelings, you are going to have a monstrous sized smile on your face when you listen to this selection.


"Call It Love (If You Want To)
George FitzGerald feat. Lawrence Hart
Domino Recording Co.
One of the strongest songs in my opinion from George's latest release Fading Love that addresses the dissolution of a relationship from a very personal level. You can really feel the heartache. Lately, many producers are delving into emotional dance music, imbuing their productions with heart and soul, their own trials and turmoil. Personally, I think we need more of this, more music with meaning.


”Holding On”
Julio Bashmore feat. Sam Dew
Broadwalk Records
Well, Julio Bashmore announced the release date of his debut album in style with this amazing single "Holding On." If this first single is an indicator, this album Knockin' Boots is going to heat this summer up! The vocal work on it is top notch and the song as a whole is tremendously full. Really though, it's a Julio Bashmore tune, so you know it is excellence.

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The new slightly mysterious Attlas unleashes on his latest mix for Pete Tong.

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