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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 4.8.15 Chart

Top 10 Techno Tracks - 4.8.15 Chart


Trent Cantrelle

What’s up Magnetic Magazine readers! Weekend one of Coachella is only a few days away and there are so many more festivals coming up that I recommend you take a look at our 2015 festival guide by the wonderful Hanna Jalawan.

But for now, sit back and have a listen to the top 10 techno selections this week.


Lowkey & Kardinal

Lowkey & Kardinal are dropped this track on their latest two tracker on Alleanza. "Starbust" has a great tribal drum beat and chanting vocal sample. It also has a pretty epic breakdown that drops the dancefloor out to let you hover before firmly planting you back down with a high energy drop.


“New Vision (Boris Remix)”
[Transmit Recordings]

Transmit’s label boss, Boris, has delivered an excellent remix of the new single “New Vision” by Gaga. It is heavy all the way through. The pounding drums and rising, dubby, effects give it a great industrial factory feel.


Sloud & Kevin Acevedo

Both Sloud and Kevin Acevedo are up and coming producers from Spain who teamed up to release "Ciclonic", out now on Riben, Sloud’s very own imprint based in Barcelona that he started last year. The bass and percussive foundation keep the groove going under the delicately layered effects that keep building the energy. Be on the lookout for these guys.


“Cornelius (NICe7 Remix)”
[Get Physical Music]

FreakMe just released Comfiness EP on Get Physical Music and it is definitely full of comfy tunes. The entire EP includes two original tracks and five remixes. I selected NICe7’s remix of “Cornelius” for this week’s chart. It is a blooming beat that evolves throughout the entire track. This track is like being on a high-speed train. While moving at over 100 miles per hour, being propelled by massive, precise, engines, you only feel a gentle rocking as you watch the colorful landscape fly by.


“Back To Belmont”
Tim Weeks
[Leena Music]

This is pick is the title track from Tim Weeks’ latest 2 tracker EP, Back To Belmont, out now on Mobilee’s sister label, Leena Music. It is a tech house banger that is perfect for the summer day parties and for heating up the night parties.

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“This My House”
[Clorophilla Records]

Get ready for some turned up energy. Franx just released this aggressive track on Clorophilla Records and it is going to be doing some damage on the dancefloor. It has great vocal sample chopping and manipulatio, in-your-face percussion, and chest caving bass.



Here is another blooming track from Duss, out now on Phobiq Recordings. The energy just keeps building with the dubbed out, slightly acidic, bass line and airy effects whistling through the track.


“Clock Width (Harvard Bass Remix)”
Marc Houle

Marc Houle released his debut LP, Restore, in 2004 and today it has been reborn as Restored. All eleven tracks have been reworked by different producers: Joris Voorn, M.A.N.D.Y., Popof, Danny Daze, and of course, Harvard Bass. This selection has powerful bass and kicks but also delicate clicking percussion and eerie leads. Just like a clock ticks using different sized cogs and springs arranged with precision.


“Ey Cabron”
Elay Lazutkin
[Funk’n Deep Records]

This track is off the Funk’n Deep WMC Therapy Compilation. Even though WMC has passed, it is full of bangers that are sure to be rinsed all summer long. Elay Lazutkin dropped this bomb on the comp and I have been eager to chart it. The wobbly effects and vocal samples pack this track with energy.


“Systematic Addict”
Jaceo & Trent Cantrelle

This is going to be an anthem for the whole summer and may even become a classic track that DJs will keep on standby to get a party started. Jaceo and Trent Cantrelle joined their masterful forces to create this silver bullet of a track. The vocals are catchy and the groove is infectious. I can’t wait to play this track out.

Thanks for reading! Here is the entire playlist for you to enjoy. See you next week!:

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