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Electronic Dallas Music! 10 Definitive Dallas Tracks



The beautiful Dallas skyline.

Hello world, and most importantly, hello dance fans! I am about to give you the list of the top 10 dance tracks in my opinion that describe the amazing city of Dallas, Texas! It may be a little bit mainstream or a bit underground, however I feel these following tracks have molded Dallas, a booming Electronic Dance Music scene, into what it is today for the past 15 to 20 years. So let’s begin with number 10.


“Under Control”
Calvin Harris & Alesso
Sony Records

Coming in hot at number 10 is a very popular song, and a great one. Dallas loves its pump up music and the tunes you can dance to in the big clubs here all night. Calvin Harris has been delivering hits for well over a decade, but this tune took Dallas and the clubs by storm.


“Panta Rhei”
Armin Van Buuren
Armada Music

Dance music has been around for a very long time. I take great pride that Dallas has the older generation crowd and the younger generation crowd. To mesh both generations, I can’t think of any other artist other than the god of trance to bring everyone together. So, coming in at number 9 is my personal all time favorite DJ, Mr. Armin Van Buuren. Here is his track that I undoubtedly feel a Dallas vibe from.


“Clarity (Funkagenda Remix)”
Zeddfeat. Foxes
Interscope Records

At number 8 I have two artists whose productions’ speaks for themselves. I am positive this track not only makes Dallas rumble, but the whole world tremble.


Jeremy Olander
Pryda Recordings

At number 7 ladies and gentleman, I give you a mixture of a deep and melodic track. We cannot forget that Dallas has, and always will have, an incredible underground scene. For the past couple of years, I give you one of my favorite DJ’s, Jeremy Olander. The man is the understudy for the legend Eric Prydz, and Prydz himself heaps tons of praise upon Jeremy.


“Drowning(Avicii Remix)"
Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura V
Armada Music

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Not surprisingly, Armin Van Buuren holds the number 6 spot on my list to describe the Dallas scene. Again we have two amazing producers working together. This song describes Dallas and the relationships.



I will be honest, trap music is not my first choice, but my boy Huss on the Beat, a Dallas native, always reminds why Dallas always loves trap and dubstep. Working on a soon to be released EP, up and coming producer, Wes Perryman Aka @hussonthebeat takes the number 5 spot with “#Bae.”


“Runaway (U & I) (Kaskade Remix)"
Big Beat Records

At number 4, we share the love that not only Dallas has with its significant others, but how every other human in the world does. Here is a great remix by another amazing artist. Kaskade adds his lovely vibes into this one.


“High Roller"
Omair Mirza
Couldharbour Recordings

They say if you can make it New York you can make it anywhere. I personally feel the same way about my beloved Dallas. Hard work and dedication will always prevail. That is the case for another Dallas native, Omair Mirza. Trance heavyweight, and very well known in the Dallas music scene, this guy is the marquee of a trance artist whose sounds and vibes are of his own yet not far from the legends such as Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, and others. Speaking of Markus Schulz, Omair Mirza is signed under the wing of Markus to the label of ‘Coldharbour Recordings’ and ‘Schulz Music Group.’ Here is a Dallas and global Sound.


Pryda Recordings

My oh my, did we almost forget how much Dallas and the world loves the genius, the incomparable, Eric Prydz?! No we did not! At number two, a man who needs no introduction. Here is Eric Prydz.


“Ghosts and Stuff"
Ultra Music

I understand number 1 is a very popular track! With that being said at number one, we have a man who really helped spark the Dallas dance scene - deadmau5! With this track I saw the growth and excitement that is still burning amongst Dallas clubs and producers. So, it should come as no surprise that the #1 track to describe the Dallas sound is none other than “Ghosts and Stuff”

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