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Top Tropical House / Chill Tracks - 4.3.15 Chart

Top Tropical House/Chill Chart [4.3.15]

Grab a chillow and relax because this week’s chart is a flowing, glowing mix of the silkiest tracks you’ve ever laid your ears on. Sometimes you gotta know when to just turn it down a notch and enjoy the simple pleasures.

Festival season is about to kick off in full throttle with Coachella shining on the horizon and I literally can’t get my mind off it. This weekend we gotta pump the brakes and prepare for the wild times ahead and this soundtrack will get you in a wavey, wound down mode.

The beach, the pool, the soft sheets are the best fits for these tunes, so get cozy and hug some sand. Time to kick your feet up and punch it into low gear, the top tracks in chill and trop house are ready to roll...

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found HERE if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “Taylor” ATTLAS, mau5trap records

Too often a producer’s personality or gimmick overshadows their music, trying to create buzz or a celebrity of themselves but this isn’t the case with ATTLAS. Blossoming from mau5trap’s label seemingly out of thin air, the mystery producer has dropped a seven track EP that is overflowing with highly polished promise and a range that I’ve never heard to be quite honest. Whoever the women are that inspired the titles of his tracks must have all played his heartstrings in different ways because the resulting music flys from disco to progressive to melodic and even some lo-fi downtempo stylings. It’s really beautiful work and I highly recommend a few listens through the entire EP. Exciting things to come indeed for ATTLAS and another fine tuned musician on the label’s roster.

2. “Cruise” Attom, SuicideSheep

What a babe of a track. Things must be pretty chill in Duluth, Minnesota because hometown hustler Attom is creating some music that reflects a glowing backdrop that doesn’t need an Instagram filter it’s so gorgeous. The escape is real in this song, transporting you somewhere glowing bright and natural. The scatting vocals and blinking melody gives it just enough pop and energy to rip open the blinds and relish the day while the softer moments are enrapturing enough to keep you tangled up with someone late into the morning. Everyone could use a spoonful of this over the weekend so grab the free download and play it somewhere with no cell service and no worries.

3. “Body (Stint Remix)” Niia

You know when you meet someone and keep looking at each a little too long to just be friends? That is what this song captures – seductive disclosure of wild moments to come. The production additions are minimal in bravado, subtly trickling in and giving this song a wider sway to its hips. By allowing the singer’s voice to ring out, it vibrates off all these soft licks and gives it a very natural, alive feeling. It’s been a great couple days for the Vancouver/Cali artist Stint. The chiller whale helped drop soul singer Gallant’s scintillating new single “Open Up” with strong producing credits and same day releases this remix of one of my favorite tracks of 2015. Now stop staring and go grab them.

4. “White Dress (feat. Deutsch Duke)” Set Mo, etcetc

The deep disco subgenre has been shining like a moonlit discoball and artists like Australia’s Set Mo are getting the Ibizan vibes flowing with this lustful, deep dance number. It reminds me a lot of Duke Dumont crossed with The Magician with plenty of quick romance feels to it. There are different chambers to this song to travel through and experience. Smoke filled soft glowing rooms, adrenaline filled flying and sunlit white sand private islands. Good friend and studio mate Deutsch Duke caresses the speakers with a hot and heavy vocal that inspires and desires. The combination on this greenhouse of lush instrumental production elements and the singer’s reminiscing of the Aphrodite we all remember and want is flawless and natural as the beauty in the song. Fellow Oz producer Cassian mixed the deal and I’m stoked to see him rub down the Do Lab at Coachella next weekend.

5. “Then Comes The Wonder” The Landing

I love when friends sends me a single and it just blows my mind. Thanks Blake for this gem. It’s a little more indie dance but the tribal percussive nature and mellow light footed chorus and synths lends its hand to an adventure somewhere too beautiful for its own good. The Landing is a single man spacecraft out of Brooklyn blasting our ears off into the wild blue yonder with

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6. “Helios (feat. Wayne Snow)” Darius

Darius has been rocking my mellow vibey playlists for years and the Parisian has done it again with a sexy crooner featuring Wayne Snow. This has a similar soulful taste to his single “Hot Hands” which featured an equally inhibition reducing vocal but by a female instead. This is more of a night cruiser full of delicate clicking blends and hypnotic synthy echos.

7. “Holding On (feat. Josef Salvat and Niia)” Tourist

What can I say, I just love Niia. This time she is joined by Josef Salvat on Tourist’s newest spellbinding track and once again crushes my soul in all the right ways. The future garage/house production by the London artist is some of the best I’ve heard this year and the soulful duet of these two incredible singers has launched this song to the masses. I am so excited for Tourist’s performance at Coachella next Saturday and pray to the musical heavens I can experience this and “I Can’t Keep Up” live. If there was any place for dreams to come true it’s certainly the Polo Fields of Indio...

8. “Desert Night (Lex Famous Edit)” RÜFÜS DU SOL

A new songbird of LA has made her way into the blogosphere with a swan song to her hometown vibes. The desert of Los Angeles is vast, sexy and wild like Lex Famous’ smoldering pipes that deserve your ears’ attention. Her redux of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s incredible chill house groover is a wonderful way to revisit the amazing track with a fresh coat of paint. Looking for big things from you Lex Famous. This beauty deserves a drink and features on more tracks.

9. “Raincoats” Maribou State

My summer is rejoicing at the looming arrival of Maribou State’s new album Portraits due at the beginning of June. Just in time for the chillest season of the year, this UK duo is going to put the glide in your step this summer with their enchanting electronic soundscapes. Their single “Raincoats” arrives wearing a jazzy mosaic of cut up vocal clippings, pulsing percussions and a wild synthy variety of sounds. It’s hauntingly beautiful as we approach the end and get washed over by a wave of gorgeous strings and analog crackling.

10. “Dreams (Deepend Rework)” Fleetwood Mac

Stevie is my bae and I don’t usually like anyone messing with Fleetwood’s music but in this case I’ll make a recommended exception. Dreams was written up in the gorgeous little coastal community of Sausalito, CA that looks out on the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco bay. It’s one of my favorite towns in the world and I highly recommend you take a visit next time you’re up north. Inspired by the vibe, Stevie laid down this song in ten minutes laying on a big black velvet bed adorned with big Victorian drapes. Nothing can be as cool as that but at least this remix emulates the chillness of that scene. Deepend lowers the pitch on the vocals and adds a simple deep house heightened tempo to the mix, giving it just enough pep to its step and the perfect energy for a day hugging sand.

Full Chart. Groove on…

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