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10 Best Tropical House & Chill Tracks - Coachella Chart

Wind down from Weekend 1 or get in the groove for Weekend 2. Your tropical house Coachella chart is here.
10 Best Tropical House & Chill Tracks - Coachella Chart

For those about to rock, we salute you. For those of you relishing in the beauty of last weekend and jonzing to get back to our desert music haven, we are here to help ease your mind. Oh Coachella, what a babe. Balloon string hair flowing in the wind, wild surprises around every curve, beautifully sun kissed during the day and glowing gorgeous at night – Coachella certainly does take care of itself and us.

I had a blast with so many of you and I can’t stop thinking of all the small moments walking to different stages acting like morons, dancing like maniacs to incredible rock and electronic and discovering new friends and new musical favorites along the way.

I’ve compiled a chart that highlights some of my favorite artists, moments, songs, feels that embody the good times behind and ahead of us. For those of you venturing the Polo Fields this weekend, make sure and get in there early every day to soak in the place when its not too crowded.

It's really then that you realize how gorgeous it all is and there’s nothing more relaxing than laying on some soft green grass while listening to the perfect daytime vibes flow out of the speakers. Take off your shoes even, it's liberating.

QUICK NOTE: The full tropical house & chill tracks playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy.

1. “Loud Places feat. Romy (Eekkoo Edit)” - Jamie XX

2. “Mykonos (Fleet Foxes Cover)” - Goldroom

3. “You Give Me Butterflies” - Justin Jay [Pets Recordings]

4. “Jolene (Todd Terje Remix)” - Dolly Parton

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5. “Deep Blues (Session Victim Remix)” - Jesper Ryom

6. “End of the Night (Louis Futon Remix)” - Phony Ppl

7. “Froot (St. Lucia Remix)” - Marina and The Diamonds

8. “Vermillion (Jamie Jones Pupkit Remix)” - Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

9. “Don’t Speak (Manila Killa Remix)” - The M Machine

10. “Native Son feat. Raekwon & Orlando Napier” - Gramatik

Full Chart. Groove on…

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