Warden Drops Mysterious Debut on Buygore

Who Is Warden? Mysterious Artist Debuts On Buygore

As a journalist, once PR companies uncover your email it’s all over. Your inbox becomes relentlessly filled with new tracks, artists, and events. Often times many emails go untouched due to the sheer volume. This morning though, a track came through from Buygore Records about a new artist by the name of Warden that literally and metahorpically broke through.

The tune entitled “Visions of The Night” opens with cinematic strings layered in remarkably ominous chanting, building up into an earth shattering breakdown that makes us want to turn back to our dubstep roots, because nothing is as satisfying as a perfectly executed drop.

The anonymous nature of this Warden character is magnified by the lack of defining information so far, except for a series of mysterious Youtube clips and a Facebook bio that begins with:

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Warden is the sole guardian of the Source and will protect it however necessary, destroying all who stand in his way.

We have no ideas what the "source" is, or who would want to destroy this source. We don’t know if Warden is the hero or the villain in this story. But what we do know is that whatever side he’s on, we’re on as well.

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