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What Rain Man Is Really About

Is Rain Man's New Track A Dig At Krewella?

Control at Avalon Hollywood has another historic night ahead of them tomorrow as Rain Man (formerly of Krewella) makes his first appearance as a solo artist in LA. I'm sure by now you have all heard some of the accusations, rumors, and background on this trio as to why they broke up. For whatever the real reason, Kris Tindl is staying positive and continuing to follow his passion.

Rain Man (Tindl) has shows lined up this summer, releasing his own music, and working with some people who are really important to him. I had the opportunity to catch up with him before his debut show in LA tomorrow.

If [my gf] doesn't like the tune, I gotta fix it

What’s the best part about being on your own as a musician? What’s the worst part?

Rain Man: When you are on your own, you make all of the final decisions. I think I do a pretty good job of listening to constructive criticisms from my friends and team, usually leading to a better product, but at the end of the day since it's solely my project, I have the freedom to make all final calls. On the other hand, when you work with other musicians, the spirit of collaboration often ends up with a product that none of the members could have created alone.

Who are the most important individuals that oversee your career?

Brandon Ginsberg, my manager at Red Light Management. Steve Gordon, my awesome booking agent at Circle Talent Agency. Great friends whose ears I respect and who often introduce me to other artists to collab with. My girlfriend....her ear is great. If she doesn't like the tune, I gotta fix it.

Listen to Rain Man's new single

What’s the craziest track you’re currently working on? What about it will surprise people?

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I think all of the unreleased tunes I'm working on right now are equally special. Whether it's based on who the featured singer/rapper is on one, the video we have already shot for another, or the sheer heaviness or catchiness of others. The goal with each release is to have something unique and/or eye popping on each one. No filler tunes.

On your single “Visionary”, Sirah sings "I don’t believe in the mirage, I ain’t got time to waste with facades”. What does this song mean to you?

When Sirah explained what she meant with those particular lyrics, I couldn't have related more. Basically what she is saying is that as an artist, you have a choice as to what kind of tunes you are going to make. Thematically, conceptually, and lyrically with the vocals. And with tracks, what kind of tempo are you going to do...will it be a happy or sad beat, heavy or emotional melodies etc.

A lot of artists choose to create specific blends of these things for the sole purpose that it will "go off in the club" or "sell 1,000,000 copies". This song is about saying fuck that, and just making a record that made us happy. And if people dig it....high-fives!!

If you could do this all over again how would you do it differently?

I would probably wear a mask on stage lol

What does the future hold for Kris Trindl?

For me, I'm just getting started again. I'm going to play spots over the summer and hopefully going to do a couple short tours starting in the fall. Trying to visit a lot of people. I'll definitely release another couple singles this year as well. Already planning the follow up to "Visionary"! Also expect the visionary music video coming out real soon.

Kris seems to have it all under control, and seems to know exactly where he wants to go. I can expect this to be a highly emotional set and night for Rain Man and no doubt his team as well. I encourage you to be a part of this historical moment and grab a ticket.

Not only will Rain Man be playing tomorrow, but supporting acts like Sikdope, Lumberjvck, Ghastly, Jon Mon, & Tightraxx will be there as well.

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