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What So Not Reveals First Track From EP

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What So Not Back Together On New Single

What So Not just released the first single, and title track, from the new Gemini EP. The final EP from the act as a duo. As such, the track is a bit somber, but it just goes to show that together, Emoh Instead and Flume could tip toe the line between feels and FEELS so elegantly you never noticed the difference.

"Gemini" layers vocals like thoughts drifting through a dream, fading in and out of existence. Once you're all cozy, and you will be, they release a flurry of synths that seem to guide you into another dimension.

It feels distant and comfortable which, I guess, is the strange place What So Not finds himself in - the new track coming from the old duo.

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We've only gotten hints of what the What So Not future without Flume might be like, but for now, enjoy one of the last tracks from the remarkable duo. You can also check out the new, Emoh-solo What So Not on tour.

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