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What's With The MF Doom Mystery Bag?

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What's Behind The MF Doom Mystery Bag?


Bag o' Doom

Mysteriousness is often said to be an attractive quality, so you might want to try and get your hands on this intriguing piece of package...

Akomplice clothing and MF Doom are giving the ultimate tease by announcing the release of a silver and black metallic bag - the contents of which will remain unknown until opened.

This marks the second time the bold fashion brand and masked musician have teamed up. They previously released a wooden mystery crate that required a co-branded crowbar to open.

What's Behind The MF Doom Mystery Bag?


Akomplice x MF Doom's previous Box o' Doom

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There's really not much more we can say, because we really don't know what you should expect. The mystery bag is $50 and the pre-release purchase window is only open for 24 hours starting Sunday, April 12th at 9 a.m. PST.

Always leave them wanting more...

What's Behind The MF Doom Mystery Bag?

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