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When A Man Is Tired of London, He Is Tired Of Life



London's night skyline

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

When most people think of dance music in London, their minds drift straight to Fabric, the East London venue which has secured it’s place in the extensive history of Britain’s music institutions. But the truth of the city's brilliance is much more vibrant and elaborate.

The city is a flocking ground for both old and emerging talent alike and having crowds with so much energy, the city is the perfect place for anyone to perform. There is no single music genre that trends above the rest and although I personally prefer electronic/ dance music, London is home to so many mainstream, underground and progressive types.

There is an array of venues to choose from come Friday night. An all-time favourite is the Bussey Building, close to my home in Peckham. I once queued for two hours in the freezing cold and still didn’t get into its most popular night ‘Soul Train’ because everyone in London apparently loves Funk and Soul. So when the queue defeats me, I head down to the buildings underground vinyl shop Rye Wax which plays host to DJ sets, EP Launches and delicious Vietnamese food.

Fabric, London


Fabric, London

If I’m in the mood to leave my Borough, I head straight to East London where the likes of Dance Tunnel, Egg and Oval Space are. Each I’d recommend for their own individual greatness and in my future posts you’ll get sick of hearing about them. Aside from this Crucifix Lane, Corsica and Studio Space are all alternatives with a lot of merit.

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In all honesty, there are so many decent nights each weekend that there have been times when one would feel so overwhelmed that no decision can be made and everyone just goes to the pub instead! You see, it isn’t just the venues which makes the London music scene so unique, it’s the punters.

All nights out in London consist of the following four things:

1 - At least one can of Red Stripe.
Dancing is thirsty work and London can be expensive. So a £3 beer is key.

2 - Sneaking said beer onto the bus.

3 - Long emotionally charged conversations in the smoking area.
“Mate… I love you” gets said at least five times.

4 - After parties at some strangers house (who we probably met in the smoking area… and subsequently said “Mate…I love you” to).
Where everyone becomes a DJ in their own rights on some poor guys laptop.

The London music culture isn’t like anyone else’s and I am a strong believer in what Samuel Johnson once said; "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." So if you are feeling on the drowsy side today, take a listen to this track by Dusky which is my all-time favourite.

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