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Which Festival Is Most Expensive?

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Which Festival Is Most Expensive?

We've all been amazed at how much DJs make, but now you can see which festivals are priciest to attend thanks to The Guardian and No. 1 Currency. Any guess at who's number one?

The data was collated by travel money site No.1 Currency , which compared the cost of the most popular festivals across the globe, factoring in tickets, accommodation, food and drinks in order to assess the daily and total costs of a trip.

-The Guardian report

The most expensive in nearly every category? We'll give you a hint. It rhymes with Fauxchella.

Coachella was most expensive in three of the five categories - admission, price per beer, and daily cost. It was third most in cost per trip (behind Roskilde and Glastonbury) and second most in cost per meal (behind Sziget).

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While every festival wasn't included (The Guardian says the report took in the most popular worldwide) the price swings are pretty impressive. Beer bottoms out at just over $1/pint at Sonar in Spain. But that doesn't make the whole thing cheap. The daily cost is nearly $130/day.

Of course we'd imagine that all of this depends on how much you eat, how much you drink, and how far your travels. We suggest you check out the interactive chart for yourself to see the full results. That said... the party in the desert just ain't that cheap.

In fact, none of it is really cheap. Pretty interesting considering the college crowd, a crowd with student loans to worry about, probably makes up a large chunk of this. That's just us guessing... but maybe this is why underground barbecues at dewey houses with guys like one of the Bixel Boys are becoming a thing...

Source: The Guardian
HT: Mixmag

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