10 Essential Tracks For A Wild Night In London


In London, the songs that gain the title of ‘Iconic’ tend to be the ones that get overplayed in the after-session repeatedly all night until the seagulls bring in the morning.

These tracks are important not because, by the end of their turntable life they became ever so slightly annoying, but because they were the soundtracks to the great nights, the great mistakes and the awful photographs that emerged the next day. Here is the sound of great London's nights in ten selections.


"All Under One Roof Raving"
Jamie XX
Young Turks

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known DJ’s from Britain, Jamie XX continuously brings out great remixes and tracks including, ‘All Under One Roof Raving.’  Made up from samples of clubbers talking about their experiences of nights out, it’s telling of the intensity, the progression and the unity that comes with the underground music scene of London; ‘Hyper vibes, everyone's in the middle, everyone's dancing, everyone's happy.’- nail on the head there Jamie


"Never Grow Old (Robert Hood Remix)"
Floor Plan

This was a big tune in the clubs and the living rooms alike around the city.  Ironically, this track just didn’t grow old, but instead solidified its position in everyone’s YouTube history and I think it’s been played pretty much every time I’ve been at a party ever since its release.


"Inspector Norse"
Todd Terje
Olsen Records

Seriously one of the most popular tracks of 2012 and it stills pulls people in even now.  What this track did do successfully, was entice a new crowd of listeners who perhaps had never had an interest in dance music.  I remember it being dropped at a christening and children as young as 8 were dancing to it- Todd clearly has skills


"Love Will Set You Free (Carl Craig Remix)"
City Slang

Caribou really don’t need help from anyone to be brilliant.  That’s just a fact.  But this remix is bloody good. It puts a really good tempo and bass behind the track which helps it slip into set lists of more industrial and acidic genres of dance music.


Jamie xx
Young Turks

I know Jamie has already had his five minutes of fame in the list but I couldn’t really leave this track out. The opening lyric, ‘you’re the most beautiful girl in Hackney you know…’ is one we have all heard many a time…er-hum…(Okay, I’m well aware I’m not even from the East of London, if you want to be anal about it).  But seriously there is actually something quite soothing about the beats in this track which makes it a staple in all morning after recovery playlists.

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Mount Kimbie
Hot Flush Recordings

This is an important song most especially for it’s music video.  Set in London, it’s full of images of people out listening to dance music.  Everyone probably recognises at least one face and it’ll be the face of that person we said ‘Mate, I love you,’ to in the smoking area that time.  It’s really chilled out and easy to listen to which is signature of Mount Kimbie's productions.


Skepta featuring JME

It may not be dance music but everyone who listens to music will have heard this track and shouted, ‘ that’s not me!’  Regardless of what genre of music you stay faithful to, you can’t deny a secret love for a gem like this that comes from British Grime. The lyrics claim that ‘there’ll never be a day were I don’t make music, because silence, nah that’s not me’- and I think that’s conceptually true of London because music just isn’t ever going to die off over here.  Major respect to the green screen DJ thing, taking it back to the grassroots of music video making…


"Moon Circles"
Maribou State
Southern Fried Records

I’m not trying to claim here that everyone will agree with the decision to include this track, but it’s important because it’s mellow dance music with a hint of modern soul and pulsing jazz shows the eclectic nature of London music.  Occasionally, someone takes the risk of throwing all sorts of genres into the mixing pot and often we get some really decent productions from it like this one.


Hot Natured
Hot Creations

Founders of the music label, Hot Creations, James Jones and Lee Floss produced one of those tracks that even if people forget about it, when it shuffles on we all think back to fond memories that accompanied its release.


Ben Klock and Marcel Dettman

This pair of DJ’s is simply unstoppable.  When you attend one of their back to back nine hour sets you always leave impressed.  No one dares speak through their sets because everyone is so focused on the sheer talent that’s being thrust upon them.  Don’t be mislead by the apparent meekness of Dawning; I’ve seen people lose there s**t when this gets dropped.

So there you have it, just a few of the songs that represent the BEST city - LONDON!!

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