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Miami is, in my humble opinion, the clubbing capital of North America. The amount of talent that graces the decks in this city on any given weekend is incomprehensible. Thankfully, there are certainly enough outlets for these talents to perform and because of that, the demand for a good party has never been higher. People have been talking about a bunch of cities being the “New Ibiza” for a while now, some jokingly and some serious, but if the Balearic Island is going to be truly unseated, it will be by Miami; the amount of quality venues and parties here is second to none in the Western Hemisphere.

After all that, you might be asking me, “Well, where should I start?”, or, “In all that noise, what stands out?” Well I’m glad you asked! And since you asked so nicely, I’m going to share with you some of my personal favorites. These are venues that always put the music first, that are consistent in quality, and more importantly, are not tourist traps. Each of these venues provides you with a unique experience that serve different purposes, I’d recommend making a week of it so you can completely appreciate each spot’s respective vibe; or you could just make one crazy night out of it -- I know I’ve done that before...

Hush - 1661 Pennsylvania Ave, Miami Beach, FL



Photo from the Hush Facebook page.



Photo from the Hush Facebook page.

This is definitely one of my favorite spots on South Beach. The bar and lounge known as Hush is a spot that is for those who know; it’s tucked away from the foot traffic of Collins Ave and sits on the street with a low-profile. It is the Nightlife industry’s favorite secret-spot -- everyone keeps this in their back pocket as their primary low-key option. Hush has been a cool spot to have some good drinks with chill people for a while now and after an extremely successful WMC party, the management has decided to start letting a few more people in on the secret: this June they will launching some brand new nights with some extremely high-profile Miami scenesters backing them up.

Steam - 30 NE 14th St, Miami, FL



Since “Steam Is Hot!”, this club has only gotten hotter. Banging Techno being pumped through a banging sound system so banging babes can get down on the perennially banging dancefloor. If I’m trying to have a really crazy night out, it almost always ends at Steam. And as for the nights that it doesn’t? I am almost always disappointed.

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Do Not Sit On The Furniture - 423 16th St, Miami Beach, FL



Photo by playhous.net



Photo by playhous.net



Kike Roldan by playhous.net

Gold cassette tapes line the walls as cutting edge beats radiate throughout this small capacity club; This is an intimate venue for the fashion-forward clubbers of South Beach. If I’m feeling even remotely artsy before I head out club-hopping, I will end up at Do Not Sit. The vibes that this club carries are very unique as it maintains the perfect balance between relaxed and fun.

Treehouse - 323 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL




Treehouse is a mainstay in the Miami scene, and for good reason: they consistently bring through quality Techno and they have one of the most distinctive interior designs in all of Miami. To me, it feels very Jungle in the mainroom: the nets, the leaves and the wood all add a guerilla feel to the club which does an amazing job of automatically kicking up the intensity of any set in the heavily afro-caribbean influenced city that Miami is.

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