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Aero Chord Is Blending Genres And Headed To America (Interview)

Aero Chord Looks To The US For Inspiration (Interview)

Things have been changing rapidly for Aero Chord these past few years. You don't hear of too many producers claiming Greece as their residency, but this Monstercat repped producer has always been known for doing things a little different. No matter what genre Aero Chord is making, he is always inventing.

Always building a hybrid of multiple aesthetics and sounds, in the hopes of creating something completely new. That has been his stance on dance music, starting from Athens and eventually spreading his versatile sound all over the globe. The 23-year-old is currently most often labeled as a future-trap producer, but don't get too comfortable with that description.

Give it a few months and he will be tired of that sound, pushing onto something new with absolute passion. The one thing that will never change? His unrelenting desire to make music that sounds different than what other people are making. If there are two genres, he will find a way to put them together.

We recently spoke to Aero Chord ahead of his massive North American tour, and talked about his Greek influences, what inspires him, and some of the dates he is most excited for. There are big things coming from this man, and this is all truly just the beginning.

1. Tell us a little about your upcoming tour. Are there any specific venues or cities you are looking forward to the most?

I'm really excited for the whole thing I can't wait to play all these shows! I'm really stoked about Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago. Also looking forward to the Yost and Avalon shows for sure, playing those two venues is a huge personal milestone for me.

2. How does North America compare to where you live in Greece? Any form of culture shock whenever you come back here?

YES oh my god! Everything is just so different and just more massive in general. Especially in LA, everything feels like a movie or something.

3. Let’s talk cuisine for a minute. What are some of your favorite dishes to eat when you are back home?

Ahh, I'd just say traditional Greek cuisine because you probably won't know what any of these dishes are haha.

4. Does Greece have much of a dance music scene to speak of, or have you drawn your influences from different places around the world?

My influence is really drawn worldwide because in Greece there isn't much to be found as far as inspiration goes. The majority of my favorite artists are based in the US.

5. Your style has taken on various shapes over the years, but you’ve always been a hybrid producer. What has been the appeal of this approach to you?

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I honestly remember Varien (amazing producer, check him out) once said that you just take two separate things and try to blend them into 1 and suddenly you have something new that sounds like none of the previous two. That's the essence of cross-breeding genres into hybrid stuff!

6. Is there anything outside of music that specifically inspires your production and the way you write?

I get really inspired when I see people who are very passionate about their craft, whether it’s music or not.

7. How important has the Monstercat family been to helping develop your career over the past year?

Very important. They are one of the few labels that really helps artists achieve whatever they want inside the industry, whether that be just producing music, touring, or anything else. It really does feel like a big family of people that just want you to succeed.

8. Looking back on your career in music, were there any pivotal moments that you look back on as being essential to where you are now?

My EP New Breed Pt.1 launched me into the whole hybrid scene, Skrillex and Diplo playing "BLVDE" live at ULTRA 2014, and my track "Surface" getting released on Monstercat all come to mind. Although, the idea is that there will be many more moments like this in the future.

9. How do you spend your downtime on the road or when you are traveling across the world?

I actually like it more than I should. I like the time alone to think of new ideas and reflect on stuff that's happened lately. I'd say I produce a lot on the road too, in planes, airports, or hotels!

10. What comes next for Aero Chord? Any big releases or collaborations we can talk about at this point?

There's a big collab in the works with a huge Youtuber who has been a massive supporter of my music and has helped me a lot. I also have many originals in the works and they all hit different genres!

11. This may sound like a question you get asked in college, but where do you see yourself in 10 years both musically and life in general?

Since I don't want to get ahead of myself I'll just play this one safe and say this: I know I'll be working my ass off for sure.

Aero Chord Looks To The US For Inspiration (Interview)

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