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Amsterdam To Open The World's First Ecstasy Shop

Amsterdam To Open The World's First Ecstasy Shop

Well this is some interesting news coming out of Amsterdam today. Dutch Liberal Youth is the largest political youth organization in the Netherlands, and on Monday for one day only they will be opening the world's first ecstasy shop. Although Amsterdam is know for it's lenient rules on weed, ecstasy is currently illegal.

The reason for this method is simple: harm reduction and control. They can control the supply of ecstasy instead of the dealers and what's in the pills, with the hopes of preventing youth from overdosing and taking deadly chemicals.

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This happened to three users during the yearly Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), and the goal is to stop this from happening again. The Dutch Liberal Youth is all for this, much to the chagrin and dissatisfaction of the Literal Democrats (D66) in the Dutch Parliament.

Monday will serve as a test with placebo pills, hoping to get the ecstasy legalization on the agenda with an initiate they call MDMJA (combination of the Dutch word for yes and primary substance in ecstasy). They will need 40,000 signatures for this issue to be addressed, which might not be an impossible feat to accomplish considering a recent study shows that over 1/2 million Dutch inhabitants have experiment with the substance.

Article Source: Decoded Magazine

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