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Anjunadeep Producers Jody Wisternoff And Martin Roth Play LA On Thursday

Anjunadeep Producers Jody Wisternoff And Martin Roth Play LA On Thursday

For those that like their dance music deep and emotional, we've got an event for you. The Los Angeles area will be treated to a stacked lineup when Anjunadeep producers Jody Wisternoff and Martin Roth takeover Sound Nightclub on Thursday.

The venue located in the heart of Hollywood is known for housing more underground style events, even if the producers playing are world-renowned. That is the beauty of Sound. It's big enough to hold a good sized crowd, but still intimate enough that you can truly observe this style of music in its proper setting.

For those unfamiliar, Jody Wisternoff has been on a roll lately. The Bristol based producer just released his new single entitled "The Bridge" on Anjunadeep, highlighting a visceral style of acoustic and electronic crossover that layers the impactful vocals of Sian Evans over them. He also just rocked Episode 52 of Anjuandeep radio, so you can stream that below to get a feel for what you will be hearing.

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Martin Roth calls Berlin his home, and has sought inspiration from the legendary dance city to create a dark and deep style of house music that will still have crowds moving. He's also released no shortage of big singles and mixes on Anjuandeep, solidifying his name as one of the rising stars of the label. Opening up the light with be Eli Glad, who is a rising DJ in the LA scene associated with the Restless Nights crew.

The event is being presented by GBH, L'Affaire Musicale, and InDeep, three rising event companies who have each been solidifying their name parties around Los Angeles. Working together they have created one massive show the first of their "A Deep Affair" series, and missing this would be mistake.

Purchase tickets for the event on the Sound Nightclub website.

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