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Aphex Twin Just Released 10 New Songs On His Secret Soundcloud

Aphex Twin Just Released 10 New Songs On His Secret Soundcloud

Aphex Twin has never been one to just release music the way most people do. That is one thing that has always set him apart, alongside his keen sense to produce cutting edge and genre-defying music that has inspired a generation of producers. Syro not surprisingly had an unexpected marketing campaign when it dropped in 2014, and was the first album he had released since 2001.

Now he's back at it with a mysterious Soundcloud account, sharing cryptic songs including some old and rare material. Some of the songs include descriptions like "1995" or "1994-ish," and their genre tag has consistently been #afx. This has been one of his many more hidden aliases over the years along with the last section of his Facebook URL, and it seems he's revisiting it again.

It's still a mystery exactly what is going on here, but Richard D. James is clearly having a good time releases whatever he feels like on this new account. At this point they are over 200 uploads, so this is basically heaven for any Aphex Twin who is looking for a good old fashioned splurge.

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Included below is the embed for this Soundcloud account, possessing a strange name and no actual image. You can press play and hear the latest 10 in a row, or just keep going and uncover the holy grail of Aphex Twin music.

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