Armin van Buuren Bio

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Armin van Buuren Bio

It all started for Armin in the beginning of the ’90 when he bought himself two turntables, learned mixing quickly and soon began to create his own style. His big dance music inspirer back then was Dutch Master Mixer Ben Liebrand. At the age of 16, Armin bought his first sampler, the Akai S-01. Although it was mono, he did everything with it that you could possibly imagine. The very first demo made was immediately included on a compilation. With the money he received from that deal, Armin bought bigger and better equipment which resulted in his first vinyl release at the end of 1995. Since then he has released lots of tracks on different labels with increasing success. The first big success was 'Blue Fear' on Cyber Records. This 'Euro trance blueprint' even made it into the UK Chart. On the same label he also released 'Communication' which caused serious damage on Ibiza in the summer of 1999. This track was signed to AM:PM and entered the UK Chart at #18 in 2000! In the beginning of 1999 he started his label Armind with United Recordings. The first release was very well received and the second release was signed to Ministry Of Sound before the records hit the shelves. Armin had managed to put his label on the map in no time. He teamed up with DJ Tiësto to do two productions. 'Eternity' was another great club success, released on Armind, then licensed to Paul van Dyk's label Vandit Records. On his own AVB compilation series he managed to find the perfect balance between progressive, techno and trance. Armin van Buuren 003 - In Motion. Check for more detailed information. After remixing huge tracks, he found himself in high demand as a remixer and had to turn down remix requests almost on a daily basis. Armin wanted to focus more on his own productions and so he turned to working on tracks for his Rising Star album. Armin's DJ career also took off big time. In the UK you could see him regularly at Passion, Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Slinky, Peach, and on various locations all over the world (Jerusalem, Tokyo, Helsinki, Ibiza, Crete, etc.). His busy life as a number one DJ has inspired many people. In 2009, Dutch author Coen Bom presented his on-the-road-biography of Armin, called ‘Eén op één’ / ‘Armin Only’, reporting about the hectic life of Armin and trying to find the secret behind to the grand success of the humble Dutchman. In October 2012, the official documentary “A Year with Armin van Buuren” was released, where Armin was followed during an important year in his life, offering a unique look behind the scenes and inside his personality.

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