Armin van Buuren Played The Preakness: One Horse Wasn't Feeling It

Armin van Burren Played The Preakness: One Horse Wasn't Feeling It

Today at The Preakness, which is a strange name for a race, a horse named American Pharaoh (also a strange name) scored more points than the other horses so they crowned him the winner. We're pretty sure that is how the racing of horses works, but we are still new to the sport. We were paying attention though because the horse race featured music, including performances from Childish Gambino and Armin van Buuren.

We are still trying to confirm the details of his so called performance and find some video evidence of what actually went down, but while searching the Internet for hashtags like #thepreakness and #arminvanbuuren and #trance, we found something better.

According to the Vine user that uploaded this video, a certain horse that probably wasn't American Pharaoh lost its shit before the race. The reason? It appears he wasn't a fan of trance music or Armin, and he just couldn't contain himself and kind of lost it. We have yet to speak to the horse to confirm if this is actually the reasoning, but it all seems pretty suspicious.

"Someone didn't take to well to the trance show on the Preakness infield." - Vine User

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You can also view a picture of Armin touching a horse before the race named Bodhisattva. Still unconfirmed if this was the same horse that flipped out and was pissed Armin touched him, but we will have more details for you as this breaking story continues to unravel.

At Preakness stables in Balitimore with Bodhisattva, one of the horses you can bet on. Playing a gig here in a bit. See me live at NBC-tv A photo posted by Armin Van Buuren (@arminvanbuurenofficial) on May 16, 2015 at 12:06pm PDT

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