Australian Police Just Trolled Nickelback, And We Can't Stop Laughing


Over the past five years, it has become very evident that Nickelback is truly the most hated band of our generation. They sit right next to U2, but at least U2 had their moment once long ago. Nickelback has always really been a joke to countless people, from their lackluster music to their terrible look to their incredibly corny music videos.

It's basically everything wrong with rock music, and that has carried into them being a joke across the Internet for years now. Now it seems even the Australian police wanted to get in on the humor, throwing a hilarious dosage of shade at the band without even mentioning their name.

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Before their show in Boondall last night, Queensland police took to Twitter with a BOLO (Be on the lookout) announcement with a crudely drawn image of Nickelback and the words "Wanted For Crimes Against Music." It's the best Internet troll of the week so far, and we commend you Australian police.

Also, can we appreciate the nose art? They must have one really good sketch artist working hard to perfect this, and we think this should be their new press shot.

Australian Police Just Took Shots At Nickelback, And It's Hilarious

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