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Camp Bisco Returns In New Location With Stellar Lineup

Camp Bisco Returns In New Location With Stellar Lineup

It's been a rocky few years for Camp Bisco and really anything that touches Camp Bisco. Excessive arrests and even a lawsuit after the 2013 led to its cancellation for 2014, and instead promoters tried something new with The Hudson Project. Boasting a strong lineup and location in New York like Camp Bisco, it seemed like the perfect way to separate themselves from the struggles of 2013 with a new name and new branding.

That all started fine until excessive rain hit, leading to flooding and really an overall idea from most that promoters were not prepared for the tempest. People were stuck in the mud (aka The Mudson Project) for hours unable to leave, tents and items were getting washed away in literally a river going through the campground, and news of the event hit social media hard.

Well now it's 2015, and like promised the original music festival centered around The Disco Biscuits is set to return on July 16-18 with a new location. Ditching New York completely, Camp Bisco is taking things to Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania (cue jokes from The Office).

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The lineup itself features a strong balance of jam bands, bass music, trap, upcoming names, and lots of synth heavy dance music. Beyond headliners like The Disco Biscuits, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and STS9, names like Lido, Rufus Du Sol, Jauz, Mr. Carmack, Emancipator, and Slow Magic are immediate standouts.

Tickets for the event are now on sale, so check the lineup below and get to planning. This is looking to be a big one. It appears early bird tickets sold out in seconds, but regular tickets are still on sale.

Camp Bisco Returns In New Location With Stellar Lineup

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