Can You Guess How Many Artists Are Playing Both EDC And Hard Summer?

Can You Guess How Many Artists Are Playing EDC And Hard Summer?

If you've been keeping up with the growing tension between Gary Richards and Pasquale Rotella, you know that things aren't going good between the two. So bad in fact, that personal issues haven't turned into a legal battle over the name Electric Daisy Carnival. Both have taken their own stance on the issue, and in fact it goes well beyond that.

At this point, Insomniac and HARD Presents is basically splitting the electronic world right down the middle. You either play Electric Daisy Carnival or you play HARD Summer (click links for lineup). There's no going back between the two, and you have to pick either team Gary or team Pasquale. It's a line drawn in the sand that people are starting to notice after the EDC Vegas lineup dropped today.

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In previous years there was always some crossover, but each have taken their own approach to booking and throwing a festival. For HARD, it's all about the artist. Shining a light on lesser known or more underground talent, while focusing on artistry and more performers who bring in vocals or live instruments.

For EDC, it's a polar opposite. Just watch the trailer for both videos. HARD Summer focused on the artists, while EDC was all about the rave, experience, unity, and dancing. There's no denying the two are going out of the way to be different, but the fact that this actually happened is pretty strange.

We can only imagine the backend dealings that led to this happening, and probably some strange contracts and clauses. At this point it's not so much about who is better, but just about dividing a scene that is supposed to be connected. No saying how these dealings will progress, but we can't imagine they get much better anytime soon.

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