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Carl Craig bio

Carl Craig is a Detroit-based producer of techno music, and is considered to be one of the most important names in the Detroit second generation of techno producers and DJs. According to an article about Craig, "Of this group, Craig was often recognized as being the most artful and the most willing to engage the rapidly growing shape of techno outside Detroit." Carl Craig has approached techno using inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, including jazz and soul. He has released many successful albums under many aliases, i.e., BFC, Psyche, Paperclip People, 69, Designer Music and Innerzone Orchestra. He also had a hugely successful collaboration album with NYDJ Patrick Picasso. As Innerzone Orchestra, he released perhaps his best-known track "Bug in The Bassbin" in 1992, a track that many regard as being a key influence in the then evolving sound of drum and bass. Craig has also created his own record label called Planet E Communications, which apart from his own work, has released records by well-known techno and house artists like Kevin Saunderson, Alton Miller and Moodymann. Serving as co-creator and artistic director for the widely successful Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000 and 2001, Craig’s subsequent dismissal by festival organizers caused substantial controversy within the Detroit techno community, igniting a high-profile campaign in his favor. In 2001, Craig filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against festival producer Pop Culture Media. He came back as artistic director for the 2010 festival produced by Paxahau. Part of what’s made Craig's style so unique and separates him from much of the normal "Detroit Techno" sounds, are his remixes of world beat and jazz songs, helping to spark a new movement of electronic music.

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