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Coone bio

DJ Coone, born in Belgium, began his career as a DJ in 1998. From a young age, Coone was mesmerized by music in all its different shapes and forms. He started making music on his keyboard and together with his friend Marijn Venmans, he made his first single called "Protect the Innocent." After some live gigs he decided to focus more on DJing. His music is a style called jump, a subgenre of harddance. The creation of his successful label Dirty Workz was a huge step in his career, allowing him to take his music beyond his own expectations and giving new talents within the Hard Dance scene a respectable platform to launch new and exciting sounds. By the age of 24, Coone was able to lay down an almost impossible feat of completely selling out one of Belgium’s largest venues with more than 10.000 Hard Dance fans for an exclusive event – Coone & the Gang. The event has certainly become one of Coone’s most memorable moments, a clear pillar in his life which marked the beginning of big things to come and completely opened the Hard Dance scene in Belgium, boosted by national TV and media coverage. As collaborations with some of Hardstyle’s biggest names rolled in, Coone was able to impress the world with his unique sound within Hardstyle, imprinting a distinct signature sound into his productions. His experience led him toward a new challenge, that of creating an album in 30 days including collaborations with some of the Hard Dance scene’s superstars. The album was met with great support in the scene, catapulting Coone to new heights. His success within Europe opened up many doors for him as his eyes were fixed on the horizon, toward the international Hardstyle scene in countries such as Australia and the United States. Coone lives and breathes Hardstyle. His passion shared by thousands of like-minded souls all over the world, each speaking a universal language: music. It’s a binding force uniting us all.

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